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Cement Waterproofing is far too good of a concept to pass out on. However, many contractor companies are now employing it in their services. “Waterproof cement” refers to portland cement with a water-repellent chemical added. Hydrophobic cement is produced by grinding and mixing Portland cement clinker with a film-forming material, such as oleic acid, to decrease the breakdown rate when the adhesive is exposed to water. It’s great for basement waterproofing applications.

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What Is Cement Waterproofing?

As mentioned, a Cement Waterproofing mixture with a water-repellent chemical makes it waterproof. This cement then becomes resistant to any damage from prolonged water exposure. But, of course, the same is true for being exposed to moisture.

If your floors were made using this cement, they will not only resist any damage from water, but they will also stay in great shape and formation for a very, very long time. Typically the cement is used in and around areas that often get exposed to water. For example, driveways, bathrooms, and basement floors are exposed to puddles and moisture. By having waterproofing cement present, you don’t need to worry about standing water ruining your home or getting foundation waterproofing in the future.

When And Where Should You Use Waterproofing Cement?

This section will cover when and where you should use cement in your home.

A good time to consider using it in your home is when you notice a water buildup. It is very common in and around the corners of any room that accumulates moisture. For example, bathrooms easily hold water because of showers and taps and may lead you to getting detailed mold removal in the future. However, it is still important to know when and where you should use Cement Waterproofing.

Here is a list of the common areas where you should consider using it:

Basement floors and walls and Cement Waterproofing

Basements are known for their moist and humid environment. This is because they are usually underground and have little ventilation. This is why moisture gets trapped in basements and builds up there. This buildup can have devastating implications for the foundation of the basement. However, if you’re using the coat on the floors and the walls, you have nothing to worry about.

The cement will not crack under prolonged exposure to water. Thus, your basement will remain fresh and look brand-new for longer.


Driveways are located outside the foundations of the home. Most of the time, they have no covering, meaning water falls directly on the driveway when it rains. During the rainy season, when the driveway stays wet because of constant rains, it is at risk of getting damaged. Thus, cement is a great way to protect and secure your driveway from puddles and standing water.

The cement will protect your driveway from retaining any damage from all the water that it is exposed to. Thus, your driveway will remain to look great and feel intact for a very long time without any foundation problems.

Pool and the pool area

If you have a pool area, you know the struggle with it. There is a constant fear of water leaking from the sides and damaging the area around the pool. Plus, the splashes from the water also present a danger to the area surrounding the pool. However, by using Cement Waterproofing, your pool and your pool area will be right as rain. Metaphorically, of course.

Over time, water can cause some serious damage to the pool and its foundation. Corroding and chipping the pool tiles is normal when water is exposed to the collection for too long. The cement makes sure this doesn’t happen.

How Does Waterproofing Cement Work?

Pre-applied waterproofing membranes are preferable to waterproofing concrete for finished spaces that need a dry environment, utility/storage rooms, or deep basements with limited moisture and water tolerance. This is because they can withstand hydrostatic forces that would otherwise push water into the structure. Pre-applied waterproofing involves placing the waterproofing barrier before pouring the walls and slab of concrete. After that, concrete is poured on top of the layer, creating a bond that keeps moisture and water out and provides water damage prevention benefits.

The membrane effectively makes up for structural flaws with fully bonded, pre-applied waterproofing. The waterproof membrane, for instance, must stay attached to the concrete if gaps develop due to ground settling.

Additionally, given the strength of the link between the concrete and the membrane, any repair concerns should be minimal. This bond stops water from spreading laterally, making it simpler and less expensive to detect and rectify leaks than it would be with concrete waterproofing.

The protection offers against dangerous gases in the soil is a substantial advantage. By doing this, possible health concerns for building occupants are decreased. This is a major advantage when developing where the soil is contaminated, or methane or radon levels are high.

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