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Causes of Basement Cracks

The following factors are responsible for causing cracks in foundation walls:

Soil Erosion

It occurs when the soil beneath the footing washes away due to capillarity or a pipe leak, and the floor lowers into the depression. Casing a vertical wall fracture and other foundation problems.

Hydrostatic Strain

Over time, water-soaked soil places great pressure on the foundation’s walls, which may result in horizontal or vertical fissures.

Concrete or Mortar Shrinkage

These cracks are minor and often do not widen or endanger the structure. They are superficial flaws in the walls.

Construction Issues

Use of poor-quality concrete, inadequate support beams, and undersized footings, can cause foundation walls to break.

Typical Basement Cracks

Water infiltration is the most frequent issue related to foundation wall fractures. Basement crack repair is crucial to prevent water from entering the basement since these fractures lead to gaps that water can travel through. If water starts penetrating, you will have to get complete water damage restoration services.

Horizontal Cracks

Your basement foundation should not have any horizontal fissures. Unbalanced soil and hydrostatic water pressure pushing against your foundation wall are common causes of these fissures and a timely repair is required.

Cracks in Stair Steps

Block foundations are prone to fissures that look like stairs. These particular fractures develop along mortar joints and seriously jeopardize the stability of your basement’s foundation. Two factors are frequently responsible for stair-step cracks: part of the foundation sinking or settling and difficulties to the external side of your foundation caused by moisture.

Hairline Cracks

Across the nation, foundations for newly constructed buildings frequently have hairline cracks. They often occur within a year and are brought on by the new foundation’s settling and drying. They may also appear in places like crawl spaces, leading you to get crawl space crack repair services.

Vertical Cracks

Unlike horizontal cracks, vertical cracks in your foundation wall are less significant and not dangerous to the structure. They are frequently discovered in poured foundations that run parallel to your wall.

Shrinkage Crack

Like hairline cracks, poured concrete foundations experience shrinkage cracks when they dry out and lose moisture. Shrinkage cracks in newly constructed homes are common within the first year. These fissures, which are frequently vertical, do not endanger the stability of your foundation.

Common Solutions to Basement Cracks

Our professionals will first investigate the types of cracks you have and rule out the causes before suggesting the best solution for cracks in basement floor or walls. Usually, the common solutions are:

Repairing caulk cracks

This is a widely used and straightforward technique that involves caulking the crack. This technique only works with hairline or superficial cracks and mostly is a part of basement cracks repair.

Epoxy Fracture Injections

We may use epoxy to fill a crack in a foundation wall for foundation crack repair. These seals are rigid and powerful.

Wall Fracture Repair from the Outside

This process involves digging the exterior of the wall where the crack first developed and putting in a waterproof membrane for basement wall repair. All landscaping, walkways, patios, steps, gardens, and other features outside the foundation are removed, before this technique can be performed.

Urethane Sealing

Sealing the foundation cracks with urethane is a successful technique. The urethane successfully seals off the fracture as it dries by not leaking out from the opposite side. Urethane can flex somewhat with wall movement, unlike the more tough choices, which helps it last longer as the basement walls grow and contract. A 1/16-inch fracture, however, has the potential to grow to 1/8-inch proportions. Urethane will only be able to expand so much under these circumstances to keep the seal intact.

Polyurethane Polymer Sealing

Using a high-viscosity polyurethane polymer to seal a wall fracture is one of the best ways to treat basement cracks. Some varieties of polyurethane, unlike epoxy, may adhere to concrete effectively even while it is wet. In addition, some polyurethane polymers have a high viscosity that makes it possible to fill even hairline cracks, giving the edges of the fracture a stronghold.

Hydraulic Cement Fillings

This basement crack repair process is one of the best solutions to repair foundation cracks. It involves carving a 1″ wide by 1″ deep inverted V-shaped groove into the wall, which is then filled with a specially designed commercial grade Xypex crystalline hydraulic cement. This crystalline is significantly different compared to conventional barrier goods like membranes and cementitious coatings and will seal off the crack in no time and forms an integral part of foundation repair.

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