Case Study: Restoring Peace of Mind in a New York Basement – The Zavza Seal Team Saves the Day
A zavza seal team professional looking at a dug trench located in the outdoors on the water-damaged property

The Problem:

A home in upstate New York turned into a scene of worry after a series of heavy rains. Water began seeping into the basement, causing a cascade of problems. The homeowner noticed:

  • Visible Water Intrusion: Along the basement walls, water stains and puddles were evident, indicating a clear path of water infiltration.
  • Musty Odors: A damp, musty smell permeated the basement air, a telltale sign of water damage and potential mold growth.
  • Damp Walls and Floors: The basement walls and floors felt cold and clammy to the touch, a sure sign of excessive moisture.
  • Damaged Belongings: Stored boxes and belongings in the basement began to show signs of water damage, warping, and potential mildew growth.

The homeowner, fearing further damage and potential health risks, contacted Zavza Seal Team, a trusted waterproofing company in the New York area.

The Diagnosis:

The Zavza Seal Team arrived promptly and conducted a thorough inspection of the basement. Their experienced technicians quickly identified the culprit: improper drainage around the foundation. Water from the surrounding soil was accumulating and putting pressure on the basement walls, leading to leaks and seepage.

The zavza seal crew examining the outdoors of the water-damaged property

The Solution:

To address the water infiltration and prevent future flooding, Zavza Seal Team recommended a two-pronged approach:

  • Sump Pump Installation: A sump pump would be installed in the lowest point of the basement. This submersible pump would automatically activate when water levels rise, pumping the collected water away from the foundation and out of the basement.

Sump pump installed to contain water damage

A close up of a sump pump installed in the water damaged property

  • French Drain System: A French drain would be installed around the perimeter of the basement, both inside and outside (if possible). This drainage system would collect water from the surrounding soil and channel it towards the sump pump, preventing it from accumulating and putting pressure on the foundation walls.

French Drain trench dug for inserting the pipe

French drain pipe installed in the trench

The Execution:

The Zavza Seal Team wasted no time in implementing the solution. They efficiently:

  • Installed the Sump Pump: A heavy-duty sump pump with a backup battery system (in case of power outages) was installed in the designated location.
  • French Drain System: A trench was dug around the perimeter of the basement (both inside and outside, where possible). The trench was lined with a filter fabric, followed by a perforated drainage pipe. The pipe was then surrounded by a layer of crushed stone, allowing water to collect and flow freely towards the sump pump. The trench was then backfilled with gravel and topsoil (outside) or sealed with concrete (inside).

Beyond Waterproofing:

The Zavza Seal Team understood the homeowner’s distress and went the extra mile. They also provided comprehensive water damage cleanup services:

  • Water Removal: Using powerful pumps and vacuums, the team efficiently removed all standing water from the basement.
  • Dehumidification: Industrial-grade dehumidifiers were deployed to remove excess moisture from the air, preventing further water damage and mold growth.

The Happy Ending:

With the sump pump and French drain system in place, the homeowner could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The basement was dry, the musty odor eliminated, and the risk of future flooding significantly reduced. Zavza Seal Team also ensured the basement was left in pristine condition, with all water damage cleaned and belongings restored to their pre-flood state.

Key Takeaways:

This case study demonstrates the importance of professional intervention when dealing with water infiltration and flooding in your basement. Zavza Seal Team’s expertise in waterproofing solutions, from sump pump installation to French drain systems, coupled with their commitment to comprehensive water damage cleanup, makes them a valuable resource for New York homeowners facing similar challenges.

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