Case Study: Successful Basement Leak Repair Through Structural Crack Injection at Zavza Seal LLC


This case study details the successful repair of a basement leak at a residence in Jamaica, Queens using structural crack injection, a method employed by Zavza Seal LLC to address water infiltration issues in foundations. The project highlights the importance of thorough inspection, accurate diagnosis, and effective repair techniques for achieving lasting results.

Client Concerns:

The homeowners contacted Zavza Seal LLC after experiencing water seepage in their basement. They were unsure of the source of the leak and expressed frustration with identifying the entry point.

Initial Assessment and Discrepancy:

A Zavza Seal LLC estimator visited the property to assess the situation. Based on their initial evaluation, they proposed a potential location for the leak source. However, upon arrival, the onsite crew leader, prioritizing a client-centric approach, opted for a more comprehensive inspection.

Client Observation and Collaboration:

The client, specifically the husband, pointed out a specific section of the wall where they suspected the water ingress might be originating. Demonstrating the value of client input, the crew leader utilized a camera inspection system to investigate this area. This collaborative approach proved crucial.

Diagnosis and Solution:

The camera inspection revealed a significant 5-foot vertical crack within the designated wall section. This crack was identified as the source of the water seepage.

Based on the size and nature of the crack, Zavza Seal LLC recommended structural crack injection as the most effective repair method. This technique involves injecting a high-strength epoxy resin into the crack to fill voids and create a permanent waterproof barrier.

Repair Process:

The Zavza Seal LLC crew meticulously prepared the work area, ensuring a clean and dry surface for optimal material adhesion. Following established protocols, they injected the epoxy resin into the crack using specialized equipment. The crew ensured complete penetration of the resin to effectively seal the water entry point.

a collage of a wall with a hole in it


Follow-Up and Client Satisfaction:

After a designated curing period, the crew returned to the property to complete any necessary cosmetic repairs, such as closing the injection points on the wall surface. This final step restored the basement wall to a clean and finished appearance.

Results and Long-Term Success:

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the repair process and the professionalism of the Zavza Seal LLC team. The 5-star Google review they left highlights their appreciation for:

  • Client-focused approach: Respecting the client’s observations and conducting a thorough inspection.
  • Expertise and Technology: Employing camera inspection to accurately identify the leak source.
  • Effective Repair Methods: Utilizing structural crack injection for a long-lasting solution.
  • Communication and Transparency: Keeping the client informed throughout the process.
  • Cleanliness and Professionalism: Maintaining a clean work environment and delivering high-quality workmanship.

The most significant measure of success, however, is the complete elimination of the water seepage issue. Even after experiencing heavy and consistent rain following the repairs, the client reported no further water ingress in their basement.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of structural crack injection as a reliable solution for basement leaks caused by cracks in foundation walls. Zavza Seal LLC’s commitment to client collaboration, thorough inspection, and expert application of repair techniques ensures successful outcomes and satisfied customers.


Link to Client Review:


Saudia Teja


We had water seeping in our basement and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Even though the estimator had a different idea where the water was coming from, the team who came to work were well prepared. At first they couldn’t find where the water was coming from. They used a camera (according to my husband) and checked the section which I had pointed out to them. They found a 5 ft vertical crack along the wall. They fixed it and came back a couple weeks later to close the wall. There has been heavy and consistent rain after the work was completed and we are pleased to say , no more water seeping in the basement. Work was professional and clean. Good job team, keep up the good work. Thanks to Dice, the office manager who was a great help with all my questions and concerns. concerns. Awesome work, great professionalism by the workers who were assigned to.


By showcasing real-world examples like this, Zavza Seal LLC aims to educate homeowners about effective solutions for basement water infiltration issues and the value of professional foundation repair services.

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