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Seeing cracks in your foundation can be scary and a first sign of foundation problems. A foundation is after all the most important structure of your property. Any damage to the foundation will ultimately result in the deterioration of your whole house. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the source of the problem of the cracks and get Foundation Crack Repair. Many homeowners lack the expertise to diagnose and eliminate the problem independently. So, getting in touch with an expert foundation cracks repairing company is necessary.

Zavza Seal LLC provides a complete solution to foundation cracks by distinguishing and eliminating the problem’s root cause. While many companies only patch-up the problem temporarily, Zavza Seal prevents the foundation cracks from returning. With our reliable services, you can be confident that we will remove any dangerous damage for a long time.

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Different types of Foundation Cracks

The type of crack you see in your foundation will tell the professionals what kind of problems the foundation is experiencing and give you the right Foundation Crack Repair service. The degree of foundation cracks can range from a minor cosmetic issue to a serious problem for your property. However, even major foundation issues can be rapidly and effectively remedied when addressed early on and even save you from getting services for foundation waterproofing too.

There are three basic causes of cracks in foundation walls:

Curing Concrete

It is usual for foundation walls to develop tiny fissures when the concrete dries. These fissures are extremely typical and do not indicate a serious foundation issue. Shrinkage cracks are typically tiny “hairline” cracks that are 1/16″ broad or smaller. They often form close to the middle of a span and keep their width constant throughout their length. Waterproofing cement can be used in cases where the cracks leak with water.

Foundation Settlement

The soil supporting your foundation will start to settle unevenly and develop cracks if it cannot withstand the weight of your house. You will often witness bigger cracks at the top or bottom as vertical cracks grow and the wall or corner of the house starts to twist. Settlement-related foundation fissures are highly significant, and as the house shifts, they will only worsen. It is advisable to schedule an appointment with Zavza Seal professional as soon as possible if you suspect your foundation may be cracking due to settlement problems.

Expansive Soils

Around your home, clay soils can substantially expand and contract as they get wet. Wet clay soils can expand to the point where a foundation wall can be under thousands of pounds of pressure and deteriorate foundation support. The walls may be forced inward. As a result, they may buckle and shatter. Also, watch out for walls that are leaning inward or pressing inward from the bottom.

If not fixed, this damage can worsen until the wall completely fails or is irreparable. Repairs can be finished in as little as a day if the issue of deteriorating walls is dealt with quickly.

Repairing Foundation Wall Cracks with Foundation Crack Repair

There are practical fixes that can effectively fix your structure’s issue, whether the problem is expanding soils or unstable soils beneath your foundation. Zavza Seal LLC employs the following techniques to restore structural integrity to damaged foundations with Foundation Crack Repair and also provide basement cracks repair .

Our in-house team of foundation professionals are here to help with any issues you may be having with your foundation walls. To determine which repair option is best for your property, we would like to provide you with a free, no-obligation Foundation Crack Repair quote. Our free quotations include a site inspection, a one-on-one consultation, and a written estimate. They are also obligation-free.

Foundation Pier Systems

A foundation resting on soils that cannot hold the weight of the house can be stabilized and possibly lifted with the help of foundation piers. Homes that are settling can be stabilized permanently with foundation piers, which are installable all year long.

Push piers support foundations by distributing the weight of the house far beneath the foundation, all the way to bedrock or solid strata. When the local soil conditions are appropriately understood, helical piers are a great technique to stabilize foundations. A helical blade is used to advance them into the soils that make up the foundation.

Wall Anchor Systems

The use of wall anchor systems is recommended for straightening foundation walls that are buckling as a result of pressure from expanding soils. Wall anchors apply counter pressure to deteriorating foundation walls by using force on the soils beyond the borders. In the short term, this keeps the walls in place, and over time, it enables your contractor to try to move the fences back into place. Access to the soil outside your foundation walls is necessary for this option.

If my foundation walls are not cracked, may I still have a settlement problem?

Do the inside walls of your home have drywall fractures but not the foundation walls? Your issue might not be the walls of your foundation settling but rather a sagging crawl space. As an alternative, your floor can be shifting or settling. Even if the walls of your foundation are not cracking, several foundation issues can arise so it’s better to seek professional help as soon as possible to get the right Foundation Crack Repair.

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Annette Casatelli

I received a few quotes to get the walls in my home filled in with blown in insulation. Zavza Seal was affordable and they did an excellent job.

They were very concerned with cleaning up, which I appreciated. I felt the difference in my home immediately. No more freezing cold walls. I recommend them, hands down.

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Our experience with Zavza Seal was wonderful and smooth. The crew is well organized. They listen to your plans. They showed out in time. They left everything clean. They did an amazing job! I highly recommend this company.

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Efficient, courteous and responsible workers. The job was quoted as being completed in 2 days but more work was required and they returned on the 3rd day and completed the job without additional charges. They reinsulated my crawlspace (not an easy job). I recommend Zavza Seal without reservation.

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Michael Rutigliano

Couldn’t be more satisfied with the job Zavza Seal did. Brendan and Jake were accommodating, fair and extremely knowledgeable. Their team worked incredibly hard that day under difficult conditions and did a great job. I manage a multi-unit HOA and we will definitely be using them again.

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