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A village in Nassau County in New York, East Rockaway is one of NY’s best villages. The town started off as a trading and shipping for the south shore of Long Island. Due to the village’s location, it was an ideal route for ships to come to pick up and drop off shipments. Later on, a grist mill was constructed in East Rockaway, and the town became known for shipping and milling.

The village became officially incorporated in the early 1900s. East Rockaway is an excellent place to live for that mixed urban and suburban feel. There are several coffee shops, stores, restaurants, and other fun things to do here! In addition, the people here are typically friendly folk looking to lend a hand anytime!

The recorded population in East Rockaway was just over 9,000. To some, that may seem like a lot, and for others, that may seem less. Most residents in East Rockaway rent their homes. The school district in East Rockaway allows families to provide their children with a high-rated education! Most homes here are cozy but comfortable.

Young professionals all get to work in the town and earn a good living. The standards of living in this town are medium to high. East Rockaway is also full of scenic golf courses that offer many facilities.

Families also get to visit the East Rockaway beach. Popular landmarks here include Bay Park, East Rockaway Grist Mill Museum, Rock Hall Museum, Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, and Cradle of Aviation Museum.

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East Rockaway History & Culture

Originally named Near Rockaway, the village began as a shipping and trading center for the south shore of Long Island. The village’s location was desirable for ships because of its deep channels inland. Eventually, a grist mill was built on the Mill River by Joseph Haviland through a land grant in 1688. The Haviland-Davison Grist Mill, located in Memorial Park, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. Later an oven was purchased to make bread for the surrounding population. The village prospered in shipping and milling over the years, even after several sales of the land.

The village’s name was changed in 1869 to East Rockaway. The village was incorporated in 1900, and Floyd Johnson was president. At the time of incorporation, the town had a population of 969.

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