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Are you moving to East Setauket? You’re in for a treat. This area offers cozy neighborhoods, strong local businesses, lots of places for outdoor activities, and rich history. The town has recorded a low crime rate for many years, making it one of the most secure places to live in the United States.

East Setauket is a town located in Suffolk County on the North Shore of Long Island, within the state of New York. It is around 60 miles east of Manhattan and 20 miles north of Huntington. The population is over 13,000, with a median age of around 43 years old.

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East Setauket History & Culture

The area was part of an English land grant given to William Nicoll in 1665. William named it Long Reach because the coastline extends north into Connecticut. In 1730, Nicoll’s son divided the land into nine parcels, creating the hamlet of Setauket. In 1844, the village became known as East Setauket to distinguish it from its western neighbor West Setauket.

Parks and Trails in East Setauket

  • Caleb Smith State Park Reserve
  • Avalon Park and Reserve
  • Old Field Preserve
  • Frank Melville Memorial Park and Pool
  • Katherine Ordway Preserve
  • The Betty and Wilfrid Nixon Nature Center

If you’re a fan of history, you’ll love seeing all the Revolutionary War relics in the area. The local Long Island Museum boasts many exhibits on the battles that took place during those times.

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