Jamaica Hills

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Get to know Jamaica Hills

A small and middle-class neighborhood in New York, Jamaica Hills is a diverse neighborhood. The community is cooperative and gives off a very welcoming and warm feel. The area is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Queens for its rich and picturesque sites.

The population of Jamaica Hills is 14,759m, and the area gives off a rich urban feel where most of the residents own their own homes. While there is plenty of rain that the area receives, Zavza Seal protects the houses: in the community with exceptional waterproofing and insulation services.

There are tons to see and do in the area, and there are plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, coffee parlors, and parks. The general tilt of the people is liberal politically, and the area mostly houses many young professionals.

Sites to see:

The area has plenty of great sites to see. Some of the most popular include:

Martha Brae River

Head over to the Martha Brae River for an adventurous rafting experience. You will be taken with a guide and escort that will show you the way on three miles of a beautiful expanse of water all around.

Dunns River Falls and Park

One of the great beach attractions of the area, the Dunns River Falls and Par offers respite from the busy everyday life with expansive nature and picturesque views.

Bob Marley Museum

A Jamaican National Heritage Site, this was the final residence of Bob Marley and invites both locals and tourists to view its history and legacy.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Jamaica Hills History & Culture

Jamaica Hills is located in an area which Native Americans called “Ahmeco” or “Yameco” more than three hundred years ago. The area was named for the beavers who inhabited the ponds and creeks of what would later be known as Jamaica.

Jamaica Hills was once a part of the Town of Jamaica, which was founded in 1656 through a grant of Governor Stuyvesant. The town was bounded to the west by what is now the Brooklyn-Queens border, on the East by New York City-Nassau Country border, on the sound it included Jamaica Bay, but not the Rockaways, and on the north it was bounded by a hilly terrain. Today this hilly terrain is the area near Grand Central Parkway. Therefore, Jamaica Hills was on the northern part of Jamaica Town. In 1683 Jamaica Town became a part of Queens County, which was established by the act of the General Assembly of the Province of New York.

The first settlers of Jamaica, after the Native Americans, were the English even though the area was controlled by the Dutch. Even though a grant was signed in 1655 for the area, the area was not officially given a name. The Dutch called the area Rusdrop and thr English later called it Crawford. Neither name was popular, so in 1680 the name Jamaica was adopted A deed of Jamaica from the Native Americans shows that Jamaica’s first settlers were fishermen and farmers from Hempstead.

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