Get to know Lynbrook

Lynbrook became an incorporated village in New York in 1911. Currently, it has over nineteen thousand residents, but in its earlier years, it was down to just a couple hundred. Lynbrook was an isolated village in Nassau County and slowly became known for its fishing and farming lands.

The farming community grew in the 1800s and attracted investors and settlers from all around Europe. With the construction of the railroad, more people began to notice Lynbrook for its vibrant landscapes. After the farms began subdividing, Lynbrook became a fast-growing village in 1920.

Today, the village is full of lively communities everywhere.

Is Lynbrook A Good Neighbourhood to live?

If you’re thinking of moving here, Lynbrook makes for an excellent resident. The people here rate it as one of the best suburban communities in New York. The village is now developed and much more diverse than other states in the US.

Diversity is a huge necessity in today’s world, and Lynbrook is an excellent town filled with lots of it. The people here despite of diversity all live together in harmony creating it a peaceful community. Residents here claim that Lynbrook has become a safe living space for everyone.

Lynbrook is also the perfect place to raise a family. The schools here are top-rated and safe. – Which makes for an excellent environment for children of all ages.

Famous places to visit in Lynbrook

The town is packed with fun places to visit. Including;

  • Greis Park
  • River Mill
  • Empire State Building
  • Cradle of Aviation Museum
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

And the list goes on.

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Nearby Neighborhoods:

Lynbrook History & Culture

The area currently known as Lynbrook has had other names, including Rechquaakie (originally), Parson’s Corners, and Bloomfield. It was later named Pearsall’s Corners, after Mr. Pearsall’s General Store, because this store became a famous stagecoach stop for travelers coming from New York City to Long Island. Alternatively, it was called “Five Corners” because the stagecoach stop was at the crossing of Hempstead Avenue, Merrick Road, and Broadway. It became known as Lynbrook in 1894 and the village was incorporated in 1911. The name “Lynbrook” is derived by dividing “Brooklyn” into its syllables and transposing them, a tribute to the original home of many of the town’s turn-of-the-century residents.

Since 1912, Lynbrook has been served by the Lynbrook Police Department. The Chief of the Department is Brian Palladino. Since 1879, the Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department has served Lynbrook. The department has six firehouses around Lynbrook. The Chief of the Department is Christopher Kelly. Lynbrook is also served by its own Department of Public Works, which provides sanitation management. The superintendent is Phil Healey.

In 2008, three houses in Lynbrook were listed on the National Register of Historic Places: House at 251 Rocklyn Avenue, House at 474 Ocean Avenue, and House at 73 Grove Street. Rockville Cemetery was listed in 2015.

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