Oyster Bay

Get to know Oyster Bay

The name comes from an abundance of fine oysters found by a Dutch settler who chose to give this nation the name. Oyster Bay is a small North Shore town on Long Island where you get to enjoy the friendly people, have loads of seafood, and experience the variety of festivals this town likes to host.

Anyone choosing to come live in Oyster Bay will not regret it. The small-knit community is perfect as everyone here mostly minds their own business and does stuff they like to do. Little to no judgment is given by neighbors, friends, and close acquaintances. A peaceful place like this can sure be rare.

Why move to Oyster Bay?

1. A great place to live

Oyster Bay has been known for decades for its fine seafood and luxurious cuisines. You will love the food here the most, and if that’s something close to your heart, Oyster Bay wins a point. The town itself leads a great and tight-knit community, which nowadays is rare to find.

2. The school district

Are you moving with your family? Folks with children trying to raise them in a new town can always seem overwhelming, but in Oyster Bay, it doesn’t have to be. The school district here is highly prestigious. You will be giving your kids a well-rounded education: for them to later use in their own best way.

3. The nature

Being in the countryside can get boring to some. But, if you’re not into the big city lights or any of that, you will love Oyster Bay for its unreal and picturesque beauty, which is hard to find anywhere.

You can take walks outside and really take in the nature of the town that has been there ever since the village first came into being.

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Oyster Bay History & Culture

The first mention of Oyster Bay comes from Dutch Captain David Peterson de Vries, who in his journal recalls how on June 4, 1639, he “came to anchor in Oyster Bay, which is a large bay which lies on the north side of the Great Island… There are fine oysters here, whence our nation has given it the name of Oyster Bay.”

Oyster Bay was settled by the Dutch, and was the boundary between the Dutch New Amsterdam colony and the English New England colonies. The English, under Peter Wright, first settled in the area in 1653. The boundary between the Dutch and English was somewhat fluid which led to each group having their own Main Street. Many Quakers came to Oyster Bay, escaping persecution from Dutch authorities in New Amsterdam. These included Elizabeth Feake and her husband Captain John Underhill, whom she converted to Quakerism. Other notable Quakers to settle in Oyster Bay were the brothers John Townsend and Henry Townsend. Noted dissenter and founder of Quakerism George Fox visited Oyster Bay in 1672, where he spoke with the Wrights, Underhill and Feake at a Quaker gathering on the site of Council Rock, facing the Mill Pond.

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