Get to know Roselyn

Are you looking to call Roselyn, NY, your new home? It is vital to learn a few things about the town before you start packing your bags. Roselyn is a suburb in Nassau County and has been a community favorite ever since it first became incorporated.

The strong beliefs and hopes of the community have led the town to become what it is today.

Standing for rights, justice, and improvement, the people living here enjoy being a part of something powerful. If you like living inside a well-rounded and verbal community, Roselyn should be your new home.

What makes Roselyn, NY, unique?

The town runs small, with only about two thousand people living here. You would think it would seem empty, but it doesn’t. Many young professionals get to live freely in Roselyn, minding their own business and paying no mind to negativity.

The community prospers on being close-knit yet still independent. What makes Roselyn unique from other villages nearby is how family-friendly the town is. From several schools to different family parks, the town of Roselyn is the perfect place to raise a family. With exquisite restaurants and spectacular clubs, you have everything there is to need right here.

The history of the town is a perfect preservation of decades. And yet, it still leans modern. It is the kind of stuff that is rare to find in other communities. With hints of New England, the town can be a dream home to anybody who enjoys this vibe.

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Roselyn History & Culture

Roslyn was initially settled by colonists in the year 1643. It was originally called Hempstead Harbor, but its name was changed to Roslyn in 1844 due to postal confusion regarding all the other “Hempsteads” scattered about Long Island. The name “Roslyn” was selected as the new name, as its location in a valley reminded officials of Roslin, Scotland.

Roslyn was incorporated as a village on January 11, 1932. Its first Mayor was Albertson W. Hicks, who was unanimously elected two days later, on January 13.

The former Rubel estate in the village was developed as the Roslyn Pines subdivision in the 1950s, consisting of roughly 102 homes.

The Ellen E. Ward Memorial Clock Tower in Roslyn was designed by Lamb and Rich, and was completed in 1895. It was sold to the Village of Roslyn by the Town of North Hempstead for $1 for its centennial in 1995.

Also taking place in 1995 was the opening of the Village of Roslyn’s current Village Hall on Old Northern Boulevard.

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