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Water has a way of creeping into our properties like no other. As a result, many homeowners across the country struggle to get even the last bit of moisture out and away from their homes. But sometimes, this can be impossible. Sump pump installation is the ideal answer for the problem.

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What Are Sump Pumps?

Think of a sump pump as a device in charge of moving any excess water from your basement to the outside of your home. A sump is a naturally formed pit, typically in the form of a hole dug beneath the surface of your basement floor.

The sump pump is kept in this basin-shaped pit. The pump has valves that can detect rising water pressure or level. Sump pumps automatically remove extra water from the basement and away from your property using a discharge pipe when the water level becomes too high and provide you with additional foundation support. A specified drainage area is connected to the sump pump by a line known as an effluent.

Your sump pump’s water should be directed to a specific location, like a dry well, a creek, a pond, or a nearby drain. A drain point should not be placed where water will return to your house. Keep the dog at least 10 to 20 feet away from the foundation. It is best to verify with your local government, as some places have building laws that restrict where your sump pump can discharge.

Remember that you might need to add drainage pipe and boost the sump pump’s horsepower to make the difference.

When Should You Install A Sump Pump?

You may require a sump pump installation if:

  • In the past, your basement has flooded and now you are looking for water damage prevention.
  • You reside on a property that is either low-lying or has water-retention soil.
  • Each year, there is a lot of snow or rain in your location.
  • Your sump pump is older than six years.
  • You want to safeguard the finished basement you invested in.
  • It is time to look for sump pumps if any of the situations above apply to you.

Spending money on one now could prevent costly future water damage repairs. To schedule a consultation with a licensed plumber about installing a sump pump in your house, call Putman & Son’s Plumbing right away.

Benefits Of Installing A Sump Pump

There are numerous advantages to having a sump pump installed properly. Including:

  • Prevents floods caused by rain and associated foundation problems
  • Minimizes the risk of sewage backup
  • Low humidity levels in the basement avoid the growth of mold and mildew
  • Keeps basement from being flooded
  • Reduces humidity levels, which enhances the quality of indoor air

The Different Types Of Sump Pumps

We have listed a few different sump pumps for details and technical specifications. Use this guide to find out which types of sump pumps works for you and your home.

Submersible sump pump installation

The pump and motor are combined into one unit in submersible pumps. They’re sealed inside a basin in your basement, submerged. Submersible pumps are frequently quieter, take up less room in your basement, and clog less often than pedestal pumps because they are immersed in the water basin.

They might last less time than other sump pumps because of the impact of being submerged in water. However, this one is still the best choice for houses with serious flooding problems. For best results combine it with french drain installation.

Pedestal sump pump installation

A pedestal sump pump has a separate engine and pumps from a submerged sump pump. The motor is mounted on a pedestal above the basin with a hose leading to the pump’s location.

The pump releases water into your chosen drain area through the hose. Because it is not submerged, the motor frequently outlasts other sump pumps and is simpler to access for maintenance needs. However, it can also be larger and noisier than the submersible pump.

Battery-operated sump pump installation

An excellent method to add some additional protection against flood damage is with a battery backup sump pump. Thanks to a battery backup with a float switch, your sump pump may run even when your power is down during a storm when you need it most. This is because the primary source of electricity for the pump also goes out with the management. When the basin’s water level rises, the float switch is activated, starting your battery’s activity. Even a little bit of moisture left can give you tons of mold problems that would require professional mold removal.

How Does A Sump Pump Work?

A sump pump is a device that monitors rising water pressure and levels to make sure they don’t go too high. These pumps employ a switch to determine the amount of water in the basin.

Rising water levels that trip the switch cause the pump to start pumping water into a discharge pipe away from the house’s foundation. Water, batteries, or electricity can all be used to power pumps. Even though backup pumps are frequently included in sump pump systems, they are commonly powered by batteries or water in the event of a power outage. Primary pumps are typically connected.

Reasons To Install Sump Pumps In Homes

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is indeed excessive water in their homes. Moisture damage can start as something minor but quickly become an extremely costly dilemma. It can depreciate your property’s value as well.

A good sump pump installation can help provide major defense against such damages and will give you an all round water damage cleaning. Not only is it protecting your home, but with adequate installation of a sump pump, expect the protection to last you decades.

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