Commercial Roofing Contractors, Have you ever considered replacing the roof of your house?. Or the idea of getting a sturdier roof for a commercial property?

With residential and commercial roofs, there are differences in the type of materials used. The design of the roof, and the costs associated with installation. Read further to know more about such differences and how to choose the one that fulfils all your needs for commercial roofing contractor .

Roof Design

The most apparent difference between a residential and a commercial roof is that of design.

In the case of the latter, the inclination of the slope is either entirely flat or somewhat low. These are often spotted in places like restaurants, factories, warehouses or shops.

Residential roofs, on the other hand, have a relatively higher pitch. In most cases, a commercial roof is bigger than residential roofs. The surface of a residential roof is usually vacant, with the occasional exceptions of solar panels installed on the roofs for Commercial Roofing Contractors.

Roof Installation and Repair

There is a significant difference when it comes to the repair and installation requirements of residential and commercial spaces. Often, a residential roof has a simpler construction thereby taking lesser number of days to construct. A commercial roof, meanwhile, can take a month if not more owing to its size and the layers involved.

Roofing Materials

There is a noticeable difference in the materials used in construction of commercial vis a vis residential roofs which may vary upon factors like weather conditions, cost and design.

It is important to hire a commercial roof contractor who, based upon these factors, decides which materials should be used. The construction of a commercial roof involves multiple layers which includes coating for both protective and reflecting purposes, decking and insulation.

The mixture of layer which needs to be applied is contingent upon the type of roofing in terms of commercial roofing contractor.

Of the materials used for residential properties, asphalt shingles is the most popular. In most cases, construction of residential roof requires the plywood to be nailed to wooden rafters, creating the roofing deck.

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This guide will be helpful in distinguishing between commercial and residential roofing and assessing your needs.

Roof replacement is a costly affair and the return on the investment is assured only when the roofing system is maintained properly.

It is important to check your roof periodically or contact a commercial roof contractor. Who would conduct routine inspections and flag out issues as they come up. This is where our expertise comes in.

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