Methods of Waterproofing Basement can be defined as space. Below natural ground level (NGL) or natural surface level (NSL) in a residential or commercial building. These areas in a residential or commercial building provide an excellent location for storage. And habitable space, and installation of centralized heating or cooling system.

But sometimes, these basements and foundations open a new plethora of miseries for the residents of that house. The sign of minuscule seep or the development of moisture is the warning for an anticipated problem. The presence of moisture in a basement initiates a series of arduous and extravagant fixes. And also responsible for structural damage, growing of toxic mold, and electric short-circuiting. So, certain preventive measures must be taken to keep the basement dry and obviate moisture from percolating in it.

Initially, a focus will be given on those factors that are impeccable for causing moisture to ensue into the basement. Water, unfortunately, has a habit of making its way into the house. And basements concrete walls are particularly prone to moisture due to their distinctive structure and way of construction.

Hence, the following are the key factors that are responsible for inducing moisture and water flooding into the basement. Rain and groundwater might find their way into your basement if they are not properly drained. One of the most prevalent reasons for basement dampness is inadequate drainage systems. If water is not diverted away from the house, then it will accumulate around the foundation and try to find its way inside the basement for Methods of Waterproofing.

Similarly, gutters are designed to divert rainwater away from the foundations of the house. As water will seep around the foundation rather than flow away from it if they are inappropriately mounted or overly obstructed to operate. Further, the entire structure of the house should be designed in such a way that the base around the foundation must slope away from the house rather than towards it. If the slope is improperly designed, then water will accumulate around the basement foundation instead of flowing away from it.

In addition, the accumulation of water around the foundation leads to the development of hydrostatic pressure around it. Under the influence of gravitational pull, more water will be pushed into the foundations, and to relieve this pull, water percolates into the wall of the basement through cracks in the foundation or external wall.

Moreover, cracks in the basement concrete wall, flooring, and around windows or doors create an ideal path for water to seep. Water will always choose the way of least resistance, and these gaps allow water to percolate easily. In last, basements are notoriously moist, and condensation may bring mildew, mold, and other possible problems with it.

Therefore, these problems can be addressed by proper waterproofing of interior and exterior walls of the basement, properly sealing the basement foundation leak repair, and designing a better basement interior drainage system.

The interior basement foundation waterproofing solutions are generally the simplest and least expensive approach for basement leak repair. The process of basement foundation waterproofing usually commences with a focus on properly sealing and waterproofing all sorts of cracks or gaps in basement walls, flooring, around windows and doors. Normally, water seeps into the basement through these openings, thus correctly sealing them is the first and foremost step in safeguarding your basement from the influx of water.

Methods of Waterproofing

Besides, interior waterproofing can be carried out by either employing waterproofing sealants or membranes in reducing humidity and thwarting condensation. These sealing elements or membranes can be employed as a waterproofing barrier on the basement foundation, along with Methods of Waterproofing walls, and floor.

In contrast, exterior basement foundation waterproofing generally obliges the excavation of soil bordering the foundations of the entire house. Therefore, it might be labour-intensive and expensive process, and a consultant should be hired for the smooth execution of this process. After the excavation, when the foundations finally expose, the external wall may be sealed by a sealing element or a hydrophobic membrane.

The life expectancy of a sealing element or a membrane should be last for an entire life of a house. The most favourable time for exterior waterproofing should ensue during the construction of a house for Methods of Waterproofing.

Another possible solution for keeping the basement dry is to design a proper basement foundation drainage system along with Methods of Waterproofing. Drainage issues are frequently the root source of dampness in the basement. The objective of a drainage system is to divert water (either groundwater or precipitation) away from the foundation of the house.

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