Having a pool renovation with waterproofing cement in your backyard is pleasant. However, maintaining it is often a task. A task which we, at Zavza Seal, are willing to undertake for you. With over a century of experience, our company has devised low-cost solutions to pool crack repairs, pool deck concrete repairs, etc. To assist you utilize your pool to its potential.

Two of the leading causes of pool structure damage are hydrostatic pressure and delamination. Pool plaster, not bonded well with the structures underneath, often tends to wear out or become patchy. These patches in can be dangerous as they lead to scraped knees. And other accidents due to their sharp edges. If not fixed, they can also experience fungal growth over time. This is exceedingly common for unite pools whose shells and walls are porous. Water gets between the layers due to hydrostatic pressures and leads to the chipping of surface material such as paint or plaster. If left unattended, it can turn into a health hazard.

Delamination is the process owing to which layers of plaster separate themselves. This is indicative of use of a low-quality bond coat at the time of building the pool. To remedy this, the pool plaster must either be removed altogether to apply a fresh layer of bond coat. Or the bond coat is to be applied over the worn-out plaster to ensure adhesion of fresh plaster. With its superior adhesion quality, waterproofing cement ensures smooth refurnishing of delaminated plaster pool patches.

Working with waterproofing cement for pool renovation

Pool renovation with waterproofing cement is highly effective in concrete pool repairs as it attaches itself rigidly to delaminated plaster structures, ensuring seamless application of the bond coat. Our bond coat is a superior substrate to mechanically bind additional pool coatings, to the previous ones. It combats the issue of hydrostatic pressure by equally distributing water pressure across the concrete layer beneath.

Along with ensuring that your pool is as good as new, the process of applying waterproofing cement is also extremely quick. Unlike other bond coats in the market, out product only takes a few hours to dry. Since it is a multi-purpose product, it can also be utilised to repair cracks in pool decks.

A mix of polymers and specialized cement makes waterproofing cement impermeable. Since swimming pools are usually places of high stress, water can permeate into layers of the pool structure, causing damage. waterproofing cement, known for its waterproofing capabilities, effectively prevents this. Two coats of waterproofing cement go a long way in terms of assuring clients long terms durability. With waterproofing cement as your bond coat, the layers of your pool will not experience wear or tear, friction and water permeation.

Our product also negates any future need for touch-ups, saving our clients any renovation costs. Hence, renovating can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. Despite this, however, many a times longevity is not an assurance. This is why Zavza Seal is the best pool resurface company near you. Our product waterproofing cement is not only tensile. And highly durable for Pool Renovation With waterproofing cement. But also easy to apply and saves any future renovation costs and pool renovation with waterproofing cement.