If your are looking for Preserving Your asphalt driveway filler during winter means snow. For many buildings, it means snow mountains and snow-filled walkways and driveways. Winter in New York means weather as low as -3oC.

The biggest reprieve residents get from snow is temperatures that aren’t higher than 6oC. But the biggest challenges for homeowners isn’t the consistent snowfall, nor the piling of snow on driveways. Thus, homeowners struggling with preserving an asphalt driveway during winter.

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When snow or ice drops, they melt (or thaw). As they do, they form pooling water on their carrier surface.

Which, in this case, is your driveway. This pool of water can impact damages to your driveway. Beyond that, when water freezes, it expands.

Expansion into existing cracks and holes in driveway will further increase the pressure acting against the concrete for asphalt driveway filler.

Thus, during winter, asphalt driveways are subjected to endless freeze-thaw-expand-contract cycles. At the end of the season, and as Spring closes in, the driveways have become hard but brittle, liable to damages and cracks.

If you own a commercial building, then you know that your driveway affects the general perception of your building.

No one fancies a driveway filled with cracks or potholes. Even for residential homes, a neat driveway improves the overall appeal of the house. Preserving your driveway, then, remains a priority.

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This holiday season, here are four things you can do to preserve your asphalt driveway from the effect of snowfall related to Preserving Your Asphalt Driveway During Winter:

  • Clear the Driveway Regularly. The first step to preservation is prevention. Prevent snow from suppressing debris against your asphalt driveway filler by clearing. The driveway before winter descends. You could consider hiring professional hands. This would guarantee that all debris are cleared. A second benefit is that cracks, potholes, or other existing issues with the driveway will be easily revealed. Don’t allow accumulation of snow on your driveway. Snow can keep cracks hidden. It is important to shovel your driveway often so snow doesn’t worsen cracks or cause damages.
  • Fix Cracks: If you notice cracks in your driveway, get in contractors to fix them as soon as possible. Do not ignore cracks, however tiny, or schedule them for the coming Summer. Cracks create permanent damages when water reacts with them. Get them fixed ASAP.
  • Use Sealcoating: Sealcoating involves filling your crack before wintertime. Suppose you notice these cracks in your driveway, but can’t get a contractor to take a look. Sealcoating is your best alternative. Proper sealcoating needs a temperature of about fifty (50) degrees for effective curing. Make this a regular practice towards winter.
  • Shovel Regularly: Do not abandon the snow in your driveway. When you shovel, you deny snow the opportunity to melt and cause pooling water on your driveway. If you would want to hire a professional to plow the snow off your driveway, ensure you work with the best hands available.

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