What would it cost to replace your driveway? The cost of replacing concrete driveway depends on factors including size. How big is your driveway? If you knew all the specifics about your driveway, are you prepared for the expenses of installing a new one?

The average concrete driveway installation in New York is estimated to cost a minimum of $4,000. Have you considered what goes into a concrete driveway replacement?  Let’s help you break down the cost.

Concrete driveways are the industry’s recommendation for most homeowners. While asphalt driveways may appear more economical at the onset. They do not promise as much longevity as their concrete counterparts. Asphalt driveways survive up to fifteen (15) years before demanding a replacement. Concrete driveways, however, would last decades, and can be easily repaired to enhance their durability.

A concrete driveway boosts the economic prospects of a house. The driveway is your house’s welcome signs, the first interaction a visitor (or prospective buyer) has with your house. If your driveway has experienced better days, it is time to replace it with full information of Replacing Concrete Driveway

Replacing Concrete Driveway: Tips

The best way to find out the cost of replacing a concrete driveway is to request a quote from a concrete driveway expert. As you prepare your budget, here are tips to help you plan:

  • Costs will depend on size of the driveway, location, market price of materials needed, and labor.
  • Size: The average driveway in US, which will take two (2) cars, is about 640 sq. ft, at a minimum cost of $8 per square foot. This size may be larger or smaller, depending on the closeness of the house to the street, as well as extensions within the garage.
  • Thickness: A standard driveway should have a minimum thickness of four inches. Do you drive heavy-duty vehicles? Then consider increasing the thickness, and thus, the cost.
  • Design Option: Here, flexibility is your friend. From opting with a simple design to choosing complex, patterned designs, it’s up to you and your purse.
  • Removal Costs: Before a new concrete driveway is installed, the old must be removed with heavy equipment like jack hammers and bobcats. This doesn’t cost much; contractors charge as little as $.50 per square foot.

If you’re thinking of DIY-ing your concrete driveway replacement project, don’t. Can you replace a small area of concrete yourself? Possibly. Many homeowners have successfully done this. However, you stand to gain more when you hire a concrete, waterproofing, or masonry company to handle the replacement for you in the field of Replacing Concrete Driveway.

Your preferences will as well affect the total cost of replacing your concrete driveway. Are you installing a heated driveway?.  Should you professionally seal your driveway after installation to prevent wears and cracks? Upon the removal of the existing concrete driveway. Would you have your driveway professionally pressure washed? What will these cost? in terms of Cost of Replacing Concrete Driveway.

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Before you finalize your budget. Contact the experts. Zavza Seal contractors are experts with experience across several fields including waterproofing. Many concrete and waterproofing companies offer free estimates for driveway replacement. Based on updated market prices. You can also seek company recommendations from your neighbors. They just might have the information you need in the field of Replacing Concrete Driveway