At one point or another, every homeowner has asked the question, ‘What exactly is a sump pump, and does my home need one?’ This is because sump pumps are so good at their job that they are well worth the investment. 

However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Let’s break it down: what is a sump pump, and why is every other homeowner looking to have a good basement sump pump installation in their homes? 

What even is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a tool that drains water that has accumulated at the lowest point of your house, typically the basement or crawl space. The water is pumped out through its pipes and drained away from the home. 

A sump pump is essential for avoiding floods and perhaps thousands of dollars in damages in locations with frequent heavy rain or where snow can melt quickly. Your home’s sump pump will keep it dry. 

Benefits of a sump pump in real estate 

If you are looking at homes in an area with a lot of precipitation, there is a reasonable probability that the homes there will have a sump pump. Having a sump pump has several advantages. 

Prevents flooding

Although it is the most evident advantage, this is a significant one. Your house’s foundations may be at risk from flooding. It is less likely to occur in a home equipped with a sump pump. 

Helps in saving money

Water damage repairs are pricey! You may save money by being proactive and installing a sump pump in your home.

Prevents mold 

38% of basements may contain mold, and more than 60% are moist. The goal is to keep the area dry. 

Lowers home insurance costs

If your home floods, insurance providers know how much they would be required to pay. Depending on your house’s location, a sump pump could help you save money on your rates.

Keeps your belongings safe from harm

If you’re big on using your basement as storage, a sump pump is exactly what you need. A basement sump pump installation will ensure all your possessions stay away from harm’s way. 

Possible cons of a sump pump 

Of course, installing a sump pump on your real estate site also has certain disadvantages. Let’s discuss these.

This can be a possible indicator of previous damage 

If you’re buying a house with a sump pump installed, it may indicate prior damage. Always do a background check and ask your realtor if the property has been damaged in the past. 

Sump pumps need regular maintenance checks. 

A sump pump needs maintenance, much like many other appliances in the home. Year-round maintenance may be frequent for homeowners, but it’s important to remember that your sump pump needs routine checks too. 

They need to be replaced ever so often. 

Your sump pump will eventually wear out. It only has a 10-year lifespan. Get information about the purchase date if you purchase a home with a sump pump. This will help you to make a ballpark prediction of when it needs to be replaced. 

What should sellers know about sump pumps?

You might be concerned about the liabilities if you are selling a home with a sump pump. For the reasons outlined above, only some real estate purchasers will want a house with a sump pump. 

A skilled realtor will know how to lay out the benefits of your sump pump. Residing in a region with heavy rain or snow will reassure those interested that their property is shielded from floods and water damage. 

However, many buyers or their brokers could believe the home already had water damage. Naturally, they would ask that the house inspectors take special care to check for water damage. 

A pre-inspection showing of the house so that people know it is clear of mold and water damage might help you prepare to counter their concerns.

Additionally, it will be helpful if you are prepared with documents showing the date the sump pump was installed and any maintenance logs. Plus, you must provide this information as part of the seller’s disclosure if your house has ever experienced water damage, even before installing the sump pump. 

Ensure that the remainder of your house is in good shape. Increase your curb appeal for buyers to fall in love at first sight. A basement sump pump installation will be OK if you make your house as appealing as possible.


Basement sump pump installations are an excellent investment. They ensure your home runs at the top of its game and give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for water damage restoration services. 

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line water damage prevention services, contact Zavza Seal LLC Long Island, NY, today. They’ve been in the contracting market for over 20+ years and have helped hundreds of homes in Long Island. Call them today and get a free estimate on their services!

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