Water is a very strong element in our world since it can give life and promote the growth of living things, but it can also be a very destructive force. Water is essential for human life, yet too much of it can be deadly and dangerous and call for complete water damage restoration.

Water can enter your home through various openings, causing damage within an hour, including burst pipes, flooding from bad weather, leaking appliances, and sewage backups. That is why you must notice when there has been a water intrusion in your home and start the cleanup procedure right once. The timing could mean the difference between only experiencing minor water damage and a large problem. 

In most cases, there are two stages to restoring a home after water damage. The first step is to dry out the building and clean up any water damage. Depending on how long the home was exposed to the water, this might take three to five days.

What Steps Are Involved in Water Restoration?

When contacting Zavza Seal LLC, most homeowners ask specifically about the water restoration process as their first question. Even though it seems as though we only need to repair minimal damage from water exposure, our team has a clear and defined approach that we utilize at every property that has experienced some form of water damage.

Our procedure for restoring water damage includes the following:

  • Determine the amount of water damage and create a clear plan to rebuild your home by inspecting and evaluating various structural components.
  • Securing wet areas by removing electrical equipment and trip risks to enable safe and effective work for water damage cleaning.
  • Industrial water extractors are used to extract water.
  • Air movers and commercial-grade dehumidifiers are used throughout the drying process to remove extra moisture and guarantee that everything is totally dry.
  • Air filtering helps purify the air and restore high-quality air by removing odors.
  • The replacement of floors (wood, stone, or other flooring materials), 
  • The removal and replacement of drywall and other building materials, and various reconstruction or restoration tasks are all examples of the repair process.

The time it takes to complete repairs will depend on the extent of the structural damage and floods. Once we at Zavzaseal have finished our assessment of the wet materials and determined the sizeable amount of repairs required due to the water damage, our restoration company will be able to give you a lot more precise restoration timeline.

Process of Restoration

Restoring the house to its prior state requires more time in the second step of the process. Depending on how severely your home has been destroyed, it could take several days to many weeks. Every situation requires a distinct approach to water restoration. However, we can generally do the task in these two steps fast and effectively.

1. Leaving the house dry

Once the standing water has been removed from your property, the drying process may start which is the most important step for mold removal and odor control services as well. When drying, our water repair business uses air movers. These devices move air throughout the space like fans but with much more force.

To ensure everything is exposed to the air, we will periodically switch the positions of the air movers. They can be used in various ways, such as ripping up sections of carpet and directing air toward them or setting up air movers in front of various wall studs.

We also employ additional methods to speed up the drying process. We might have to:

  • Drill holes in the drywall or remove it.
  • Remove the baseboards.
  • Clean the carpets and air ducts
  • Use carpet mats to mop up water from hardwood floors.

2. Restoration of Your Home

The second and more involved stage of healing could take several weeks or longer. We always keep in close communication with our clients and let them know if anything happens that could cause delays.

Finding out what can be saved from your house and what has been seriously damaged is a step in the repair process. Input from our consumers about how the house appeared before the water damage helps us. Some people decide they wish to improve the place now that they have the chance, and others prefer it is restored as similarly as possible to the pre-water damage design. We also provide services of air purification and dehumidification to keep your property safe from all kinds of mold infestation. 

About the author: Mahnoor Shamayl is an experienced content writer for Zavzaseal who has been writing for the company for the last two years. She is passionate about securing homes and buildings against the effects of elements and sharing knowledge with readers about her experiences with clients and the company.

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