Defying Conventional Practices with Innovation and a Client-Centric Approach

LONG ISLAND, NY – 10/10/2023 – In an industry grounded in traditional waterproofing methods, Zavza Seal stands out as a leader and innovator with their focus on customer satisfaction defying the very principles ingrained in them when a situation calls for forward thinking. This prominent water damage restoration company continually challenges the status quo, leaning toward modern, scientifically-backed solutions over age-old practices that often prove inefficient. 

Take the prevalent use of French drains as an example. While widely accepted by many restoration firms as a standard water damage containment solution, these drains can often result in extended water exposure and higher costs for home and business owners later down the road. Instead of just following the trend, Zavza Seal seeks alternative methods that offer swift, effective, and cost-friendly solutions.

Similarly, in the waterproofing business, where some companies still rely on the use of simple bituminous coatings or asphalt-based sealants, Zavza Seal highlights the limitations of these methods. While these coatings and sealants can provide temporary water resistance, they can become brittle over time and are susceptible to cracking. Instead of these short-lived solutions, Zavza Seal employs more comprehensive methods such as exterior waterproofing, which integrates exterior drain tiles and waterproof membranes.

Additionally, there are still firms that revert to using simple sump pumps without accompanying drainage systems. While these pumps can help in the short term, without a proper drainage system, they often cannot cope with heavy water inflow, leading to potential flooding. Zavza Seal, in contrast, integrates advanced sump pump systems with efficient drainage solutions, ensuring complete water evacuation from properties.

“Our commitment is simple: to ensure our clients receive the best, most enduring solutions available,” says Jake Kamin, Project Manager and Senior Estimator at Zavza Seal LLC. “In an industry that can sometimes cling to dated practices, we are proud to place our clients’ interests at the forefront of everything we do, pushing boundaries and setting new standards of innovation to guarantee effective solutions that last for years to come.”

With an unyielding commitment to innovation and quality, Zavza Seal is not just offering services but is delivering peace of mind, knowing that every project needs to stand the test of time to match the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Zavza Seal’s avant-garde restoration services, contact:
Jake Kamin
Zavza Seal LLC
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About Zavza Seal LLC:
Located in Long Island, New York, Zavza Seal is a pioneer leading the charge in water damage restoration. Their unwavering dedication to offering advanced, client-centric solutions has established them as industry leaders, ensuring both cost-effective and long-lasting results.

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