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Case Study: Basement Insulation Transformation in Great Neck, New York
The floors near the stairwell where the cold drafts made the property uncomfortable.

Client Observation:

The client in Great Neck, New York, expressed concerns about their drafty basement. During the winter months, the basement remained uncomfortably cold despite running the heater frequently. This not only created an unpleasant living space but also led to higher energy bills.


The Zavza Seal LLC team conducted a thorough inspection of the basement to identify the source of the draft. Using specialized thermal imaging cameras, they identified significant heat loss through the exterior basement walls adjacent to the staircase. This was likely due to insufficient insulation or the presence of older, deteriorated insulation materials.


Zavza Seal LLC proposed a solution to address the heat loss and create a more comfortable and energy-efficient basement. The proposed plan included:

  • Dense-Packed Cellulose Insulation: Zavza Seal recommended using dense-packed cellulose insulation for the project. Cellulose insulation is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option that offers excellent thermal resistance. The team planned to achieve an R-value of 36, significantly improving the basement’s insulation.
  • Targeted Application: The area of concern was identified as the exterior basement walls adjacent to the staircase, approximately 296 square feet. Zavza Seal LLC planned to drill strategic holes in this area to create access points for their insulation-blowing machines.
  • Containment Strategy: To prevent insulation from blocking access to the existing sewer line trap, the team planned to install a containment net at the wall opening. This net would hold the insulation in place while allowing future access to the trap if necessary.
  • Removable Access Panel: For ongoing maintenance and access to the sewer line trap, Zavza Seal LLC would fabricate a removable panel (approximately 18″x18″) at the access point. This would allow the homeowner to easily reach the trap without disturbing the insulation.
  • Professional Finishing Touches: Following the insulation application, Zavza Seal LLC would patch, tape, and compound all access holes, ensuring a clean and professional finish.


The Zavza Seal Team drilled holes in the exterior of the property to blow in the insulation

The Zavza Seal Team drilled holes in the exterior of the property to blow in the insulation


The Zavza Seal Team member blowing in R 36 insulation through the external drilled holes.

The Zavza Seal Team member blowing in R 36 insulation through the external drilled holes.



By implementing the proposed solution, Zavza Seal LLC successfully addressed the heat loss issue in the Great Neck basement. The dense-packed cellulose insulation with an R-value of 36 significantly improved the basement’s thermal performance. This resulted in a more comfortable living space and a noticeable reduction in energy bills for the homeowner. Additionally, the containment net and removable access panel ensured easy access to the sewer line trap for future maintenance needs.

The Zavza Seal LLC Difference:

This case study demonstrates Zavza Seal LLC’s commitment to providing comprehensive and effective insulation solutions for homeowners in Long Island. Our team utilizes advanced diagnostic tools and high-quality insulation materials to ensure optimal results. We also prioritize client needs by creating solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Client Satisfaction:

We are thrilled to share that the client in Great Neck was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project. Their basement is now a more comfortable and enjoyable space, and they have seen a positive impact on their energy bills. The client left us a glowing 5-star review:


Client Review:




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