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In the literal sense, a foundation is a structure holding your house up. In other words the foundation support for any property. Any damage to your foundation will directly impact the rest of the house, resulting in cracks and fissures and, in the worst cases, can even sink your house to the ground. A stable and strong foundation will support your home even during natural disasters. Water is among the elements that your foundation needs protection from. Therefore, protecting your base with proper foundation waterproofing is essential.

Our team of experts specializes in all aspects of foundation waterproofing of your building in Long Island. We will protect your home with knowledge, expertise, and professionalism! With over 15+ years of experience, our team is always just a call away.

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Identifying If Your Foundation Needs Waterproofing

Finding the cause of the leak in your wet basement is the first step in foundation waterproofing, or basement waterproofing. Knowing much about the issue can be done by speaking with the homeowner. The diagnosis is significantly simpler if the basement is unfinished because water creates a path.

Diagnosing the problem can be difficult for an untrained eye, especially in a finished basement. However, rest assured, our expert Basement Advisors are skilled at assisting you in identifying the origin of the problem in a finished basement.

Causes Of A Wet Foundation Or Basement

There are several causes of a wet foundation or basement, and they are mentioned below:

A Water Leak Internally

Before determining what is producing dampness in your basement, you should constantly check for interior leaks, despite the fact that this may seem obvious. A water leak can be brought on by a variety of items, including showers, sinks, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and broken pipes. Sometimes an interior water leak is to blame if the moisture in your basement is found on the ceiling or walls. It is usually beneath a bathroom or kitchen where you will find it. Determine the source of the humidity and see if there is a leak.

Inadequate grading

Due to poor grading, rain or groundwater frequently finds its way into basements and necessitates the utilization of foundation waterproofing. The same is true for crawl space waterproofing. Your foundation’s surroundings should slope away from the house rather than toward it. Water will build up against your foundation and finally find its way inside if the drainage goes wrong. This frequently occurs when fill dirt surrounding your foundation needs to be correctly compacted. Since the slope has changed as the ground has settled, water now runs into your home rather than away from it.

Missing or faulty downspouts and gutters

Rainwater should be directed away from the home’s foundation using gutters and downspouts. Rainwater frequently flows toward your foundation if those gutters and downspouts are damaged, clogged or missing. Water might build up in the soil around your house when it drains in that direction. This water will likely enter your basement if it builds up around your foundation.

Your Foundation Has Cracks

You can be sure that if your foundation has cracks, water will discover them and seep into your basement. In other cases, the water may even be to blame for the fractures. The foundation walls may only be able to move if the floor joists are securely fastened to them, which will then cause cracks to appear. Leading you to get foundation cracks repair. Due to the soil’s poor drainage, water can also develop cracks in the foundation.

Suppose water is not redirected away from your foundation and collects against the walls of your foundation. In that case, hydrostatic pressure (which can result in fractures) can force the water into the walls. Whatever the cause of the fractures, water can enter your basement if they are present.

Broken Sump pit and poor (or missing) drain tiles

There are many homes without underground drainage systems. An under-the-floor drainage system wasn’t necessary because older homes sometimes needed to design basements to be livable areas. Modern homes with drainage systems frequently have issues with their system. It can be a clogged pipe, a damaged connection, or a malfunctioning sump pump (you may need new sump pump installation in this case)

We Can Help Waterproof your foundation!

Our professionals, with years of experience in waterproofing foundations, will follow a set of steps to guarantee the finest repair for your damage.

Sealing cracks

In a finished basement, our diagnosis begins by locating where water enters the space before looking for cracks outside. The top of the foundation walls, typically exposed above the soil line, is where most cracks spread out. Gaps can be filled from the inside out by injecting epoxy or urethane or from the outside out by employing wall clay. Both techniques effectively stop additional seepage into the basement through the fracture.

Installing a Drain Tile System

It includes a sump pump for water removal. Together these provide a simple pathway for the water to exit; the drain tile (also known as a French drain installation in some regions of the country) relieves the hydrostatic pressure, which eliminates the water pressure and solves the seepage issue. So whether the problem is outside or inside, this solution will resolve it.

If your foundation has grading, gutter, or downspouts problems, we will diagnose and fix them. With our solution, you can rest assured that your basement will remain safe from water damage for years with our reliable foundation waterproofing services.

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