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It is no doubt that keeping your property as dry as possible is always a homeowner’s priority. That being said, water has a way of creeping into homes one way or another. But where there is trouble, there is a solution: French drain installation which is an important part of water damage restoration.

Our team of experts specializes in all aspects of french drain installation services for your building in Long Island. We will protect your home with knowledge, expertise, and professionalism! With over 15+ years of experience, our team is always just a call away.

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What Are French Drains?

A French drain looks like a rock drainage ditch from the outside and is a lovely hardscaping element when installed properly. A drain pipe angled to move water away from the house is embedded in that gravel. A French drain on your property can be located by looking for the exposed pipe end on the incline.

With adequate French drain installation, water cannot collect in the ditch because every component of the French drain is made to allow water to travel through and protects you from problems like mold and save you money from mold removal services. Water flows through the perforations in the perforated pipe and the gravel or stone.

Are you worried about water damage after a heavy rainfall or storm happens nearby unexpectedly? Surely all homeowners at one point have. A French drain can be set up to divert water away from the house to shield the foundation from long-term harm and stop floods.

French drain installation lowers standing water in the yard so your children and pets can play on the grass without being concerned about large puddles by pulling water in from the wet ground. It also helps you avoid many associated foundation problems.

French drain installations include a pipe covered with landscaping fabric, preventing weeds, mud, and other debris from clogging the openings while allowing water to flow through. The line helps transport the water to a yard drainage area or the public sewer system.

When Should You Install A French Drain?

You must be asking, when should you install a French drain? As a homeowner, you must ensure that your property is built with adequate water damage prevention measures. Otherwise, things can only get worse. Look for the following signs to see when you need a french drain:

  • If you are having visible water problems, i.e., water collection on the surface, causing your lawn to become soggy and your driveway to become washed out.
  • If you see water damage in your basement, walls, and floors.
  • A french drain should be installed if your property needs a retaining wall.

Benefits Of French Drain Installation

With quality french drain installation, you will get the following benefits:

  • You create a stronger foundation for you and your loved ones to live in
  • French drains are a durable and resilient form of waterproofing for your home. Whether that’s basement waterproofing or foundation waterproofing.
  • French drains provide practicality to your home and don’t intrude with its overall visual aesthetics, unlike other forms of waterproofing.
  • They are easily and readily available for quick installation across the United States of America
  • You have the freedom to decide where the excess water goes (following zoning regulations)

Types Of French Drains

You should look for two main types: interior and exterior French drains.

Exterior french drains

Exterior French drains can be installed anywhere around the perimeter of a property. The chute includes a flexible perforated drainpipe. It is buried in a trench at the bottom of the property footing.

Installing exterior drain pipes in an existing home can be challenging. Replacing landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks may become essential for seating in an already-built house. This is why it is ideal to use exterior French drains in homes that are to be constructed.

Typically, exterior french drains also require more upkeep because of how low it is buried in the soil.

Interior french drains

A trench serving as a path for water to flow through and into a sump pump basin is known as an interior French Drain. The trench is lined with gravel and covered with perforated pipe, allowing water to flow freely inside before emptying safely away from your house.

Underground springs and a fluctuating high water table are the sources of hydrostatic pressure. Water seeping in at the cove (where the wall meets the floor) or rising through the slab floor are indicators of hydrostatic pressure. An answer to the problem of hydrostatic pressure must be addressed in the following ways:

  • Reduction of the water pressure around the foundation’s perimeter and under the floor
  • Directing water to a location where the basement can be evacuated or it can be pumped out.

A hydrostatic pressure release system does not require outside digging or property destruction. Instead, it entails making a trench on the basement floor near the foundation walls around the perimeter.

The perforated pipe must be put around the trench after digging it up to the footings. The system must be sufficiently large to drain all the water into a sump pump, a collection tank buried in the floor from which a sump pump removes it to the yard, or a storm drain. Following the installation of the pipes, the trench needs to be capped with concrete, gravel added, and bleeders put in the block walls. Finally, the channel is patched with a thin concrete coating, except for a little opening at the edge to catch any water that falls down the wall. Water penetration will require services like crawl space waterproofing as well.

A poorly built hydrostatic pressure relief system will clog, back up, or, worse yet, jeopardize the stability of your foundation. Even though a handyperson or homeowner could theoretically install the pressure relief system themselves, it is likely better for them to hire a professional waterproofing contractor who is insured and licensed. A contractor like Zavza Seal offers a lifetime guarantee, ending your struggles with a leaky, wet basement.

How Does A French Drain Work?

French drains offer a simple path for water to travel through. Water enters a trench filled with gravel before flowing through a perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench.

The pipe empties safely from the home, allowing water to flow freely.

The trench underneath should slope where you wish the water would flow by about an inch every 8 feet. You can direct this water in any of the following ways.

  • A part of your property that is low-lying
  • An irrigation ditch
  • A barren well
  • The avenue

Reasons To Install French Drains In Your Home

If your home has access to unwanted water, you can prepare for loads of damage, daily repair costs, and property value depreciation. A proper french drain installation can help subside all said problems in one go.

Unexpected water damage can occur anytime, especially with recent climate changes. Finding a solution like a french drain helps you avoid future problems.

French drains are truly immaculate at keeping homes safe. So whether you live somewhere with tons of rainy weather or excess humidity, moisture/water damage can be fixed. For best results always get a sump pump installation alongside it.

An adequate french drain installation can make the equipment last 30-40 years. Talk about an investment!

In the end, a french drain is well worth the hype and can help make your home a safer place to live.

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