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Atlantic Beach History & Culture


The first real interest in the barrier island of Atlantic Beach came in 1922 when Robert Moses, the famous highway builder and public works czar, and Chairman of the State Council of Parks, included Atlantic Beach as part of his “State Park Plan for New York”. The blueprint, which is on file at the archives in Albany, showed a parkway from central Queens to a bridge crossing Reynolds Channel with architecturally refined facilities for thousands of beach goers; however, cost overruns on many of Mr. Moses’ other projects at the time and other factors dampened his plans which were ultimately abandoned.

Founding and early history

In 1923, the village’s first developer, Atlantic Beach Associates led by Stephen P. Pettit, a former Nassau County Sheriff and banker from Freeport, had dreams of creating a place that would rival the City of Long Beach, which was created by a Politician and amusement park operator named William H. Reynolds. He died just after buying land for 3,500 lots in Atlantic Beach.

In 1926, real estate tycoon William Austin, who graduated from Yale University with his associate, Charles N. Talbot Jr, formed Island Park Associates which purchased the land for $4,000,000. William Austin was married to Actress Josephine Sanders, better known as Irene Delroy; the wedding was officiated by Mayor James J. Walker on July 15, 1931. Austin and Talbot completed Pettit’s preliminary dredging and. shoring work, and proceeded to subdivide the property. They installed gas and electricity lines, and a sanitary sewer system was installed in 1927. They began selling land and building homes; the first 45 of the 150 homes they planned on building were financed using a mortgage from The Title Guarantee and Trust Company. The. homes were all designed with seven rooms, two baths, private detached garages on 48′ x 88′ lots and were built in a wide array of styles. Mr. Austin finished Petitt’s plan to build a bridge between Far Rockaway and Atlantic beach, which was opened and dedicated on June 29, 1927. A boardwalk was planned for the entire ocean side but, as constructed, it was about a mile long, stretching from west of The Plaza and extending beyond Vernon Avenue, and double the width of the boardwalk which exists today.

The Castles Beach Club opened in May 1928, which contained one of the largest pools on the South Shore of Long Island. The Atlantic Beach Club, later known as the Atlantic Beach Hotel and Cabana Club, the ABH, opened in 1930 and plans were announced for the building of the Casa Del Mar (later the Nautilus Hotel)), an apartment hotel, which upon completion became an overnight sensation and, in August 1930, the new homeowners in Atlantic Beach joined together and formed the Atlantic Beach Property Owner’s Association. The United States Olympic Diving team practiced at the Atlantic Beach Hotel.

The community attracted the wealthy due to its resort atmosphere produced by the beach clubs. Many members of the social register frequented or lived in Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is sometimes referred to as the “Palm Beach of New York”, and is to many a summer paradise. Later on, in the 1960s, the village was frequented by the Kennedys. The village was a big draw when the Hamptons were just a pile of sand.


During Prohibition, local swimmers would guide dories(Small boats) full of alcohol to shore from Canadian ships anchored nearby.

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