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Sitting upon the South Shore of Long Island, Bellport is the summer destination for all of those who enjoy the deep blue sea. Bellport is roughly seventy miles from Manhattan. It has become the spot for a day on the sail by the bay. And the people in this town seem to fall in love with their community.

Bellport was first bought by a group of settlers known as Unkechauge Indians in 1664. Bellport first became an incorporated village in 1910 and has since become a popular tourist attraction. Things took a turn for the worst in 1983 when a factory near Bellport exploded, killing two and injuring twenty-four people.

The explosion compares to the effects of an earthquake. But, since then, the town has taken vast measures to help keep such unfortunate events under control. Bellport began thriving shortly after that.

The English-styled town is known for its rich history with a focus on community. The Victorian architecture and exquisite lifestyle make Bellport all the more attractive to those looking to settle in the big city.

Many residents will claim that life moves slower in Bellport and the community is well-kept. Today, with such fast-paced lives, people require a place that offers this.

Bellport offers people a rural yet suburban feel. It is the choice of many when it comes to escaping the big city life. The village allows families quite the package when it comes to having things to do. The town has golf courses, high-rated schools, and parks; making a perfect land for families to raise their kids.

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Bellport History & Culture

The land that is now Bellport was purchased along with what is now the hamlet of Brookhaven (then called Fireplace Neck) and western South Haven from the Unkechaug Indians in 1664 by settlers from nearby Setauket, who were attracted by the plentiful harvests of salt hay. The part that became Bellport was named Occumbomock Neck. Jonathan Rose was the first permanent settler in the 1680s, and by 1720 the Rose family owned much of Occumbomock Neck. In 1829, Captain Thomas Bell, a Scottish immigrant, bought land there. He sold sections of it, and by 1843 the village had 30 dwellings and 200 inhabitants. He changed the name to Bell-Port (now Bellport), envisioning a seaport, since Bellport was very close to the Old Inlet, a breach in the barrier island Fire Island, which gave Bellport easy access to the open ocean. With Colonel William Howell, Bell built a dock and a road to the dock. The breach healed over, however, and Bellport instead became a tourist attraction, with wealthy visitors coming by railroad and then coach from New York City. Although all seven hotels eventually closed, the last in the 1950s, Bellport remained associated with wealthy New Yorkers, who eventually established year-round residences. After World War II, nearby Camp Upton was converted into Brookhaven National Laboratory, bringing in more, highly educated, year-round residents.

Bellport was incorporated as a village in 1910. On July 4, 1980, the Bellport Academy and Bellport Village Historic District were listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

On March 8, 1963, Bellport High School burned down. No one was killed, but 40 students and teachers were hospitalized. The replacement school was built in Brookhaven, but is still called Bellport High School.

On November 26, 1983, the New York Pyrotechnic Products Company factory (now known as Fireworks by Grucci) just north of the village exploded, killing two and injuring 24. The explosion had the effect of an earthquake, causing significant damage to hundreds of homes.

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