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Zavza Seal is an experienced general contracting firm with a passion for delivering excellence. Serving Long Island communities including Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn, and Queens. We are a one-stop shop construction company that specializes in waterproofing, and insulation along with foundation waterproofing services.

Our Expertise Includes:

Waterproofing Services

  • Waterproofing Parking Structures
  • Concrete Commercial Roofs
  • French Drains

Insulation Services

  • Batt Insulation
  • Rolled or Reflective Insulation
  • Blown In Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation

If you are considering any type of solution for foundation waterproofing or insulation services, we are here to help and can provide valuable, time-saving advice.

Get to know Brentwood

Are you looking for someplace closer to the city? Why not try Brentwood. A town built upon a focus on community, trust, and diversity. Brentwood is a safe place for all, with several places to visit and keep yourself occupied. The schools in Brentwood are top quality and entrusted upon a foundation of helping you succeed.

The neighborhoods here are safe and community-like. Everyone is closely knit together, making it easier to make friends. If you like to be social in your hometown, Brentwood is an excellent place to help you do so. The residents here claim that the community is like one big family; everyone comes close to help get out of bad situations.

Brentwood offers its residents a sparse suburban feel. The families living in this town tend to be more liberal. The community is also an excellent choice for people looking for a more affordable option closer to the city.

Brentwood is also known for its diversity. There are people of different age groups, races, and cultures all connected to one community. Many school-going teenagers have friends with various backgrounds and experiences. It allows people to join on all sorts of levels and embrace each other even more.

The town is closer to the city than most other communities, making it an even better choice. Plus, if you enjoy being close to stores and other town welfare, Brentwood allows you to enjoy this. The town has safe environments, good people, and several things to do. If you are considering moving here, this is your sign!

In addition, if you need any home repairs or work done, Zavza Seal is accommodating all residents in Brentwood, New York. Contact us now.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Brentwood History & Culture

In 1844, the area was established as Thompson Station and Suffolk Station, two new stations on the expansion of the mainline of the Long Island Rail Road.

On March 21, 1851, it became the utopian community named Modern Times. The colony was established on 750 acres (3.0 km2) of land by Josiah Warren and Stephen Pearl Andrews. In 1864, it was renamed Brentwood after the town of Brentwood, Essex, in England.

By contract, all the land in the colony was bought and sold at cost, with 3 acres (12,000 m2) being the maximum allowable lot size. The community was said to be based on the idea of individual sovereignty and individual responsibility. Individuals were encouraged to pursue their self-interest as they saw fit. All products of labor were considered private property. The community had a local private currency based upon labor exchange in order to trade goods and services (see Mutualism (economic theory)). All land was private property, with the exception of alleys which were initially considered common property but later converted to private property. Initially, no system of authority existed in the colony; there were no courts, jails or police. This appears to have given some credence to Warren’s theories that the most significant cause of violence in society was most attributable to policies and law which did not allow complete individuality in person and property. However, the modest population of the colony might be considered a factor in this characteristic. The Civil War, as well as new residents that did not share the colony’s philosophy, are said to have contributed to its eventual dissolution. Almost all of the original buildings that existed in Modern Times have been destroyed, aside from two Octagon houses, the original schoolhouse and a residence.

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