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A Great Choice for Families

In 1655 East Meadow was understood to be an area suitable for grazing. First for cattle and later for sheep. East Meadow provided the entire country with at least 50% of its wool’s needs back then. When the American Revolutionary War took place, East Meadow had been put under the rule of British forces, who at the time found hefty amounts of livestock. It stayed under their control until the war came to an end.

There are more than 38,000 people residing in East Meadow. It is known to be a medium-sized state in New York and is the 28th largest community there. East Meadow prices rank comparatively higher than other states in the region. Many factors play a part in making East Meadow an excellent choice for families to live in.

The town has a prestigious school district that allows parents to offer their children some of the best education in the country. Many people here own their homes. East Meadow is also a great choice to live because of its low crime rate. Due to the academic success and stability of illiteracy in the state, crime rates have been recorded at a low.

People who live in East Meadow are typically working a professional and suitable job with a high-income rate. The living standards seem to rise annually, and the community is overall stable! It seems to be the ideal place for families looking to move near the city. The town offers a lot more than just a great living area!

If you move to East Meadow, all of your home’s needs will be covered by our excellent services at Zavza Seal!

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East Meadow History & Culture

In 1655, two surveyors for Hempstead reported that the “east meadow” would be suitable for grazing. The area quickly became a grazing area for cattle and later, in the 18th century, for sheep. The sheep of the East Meadow area provided the country with more than 50% of the United States’ wool needs during that time.

During the American Revolutionary War, East Meadow was occupied by British forces when they discovered the vast amounts of livestock herded there, and remained under their control until the end of the war.[citation needed] Two large farms existed in what is now East Meadow: the Barnum farm (Barnum Woods), and the Carman farm. It is rumored that President George Washington spent a night on the Barnum estate during a trip across Long Island in 1790.[citation needed] A toll booth was operated near the Carman homestead on the Hempstead Turnpike.

Another early settlement was located near what is now the intersection of East Meadow Avenue (formerly called Newbridge Avenue; not to be confused with nearby Newbridge Road) and Prospect Avenue.

The community was home to many Gilded Era estates. The old Hoeffner homestead is now the site of Veterans Memorial park, and East Meadow’s Post Office. The Barnum estate was rented by the Hoeffner family in 1914. Part of the old Barnum farm is now the site of Barnum Woods Elementary School, and the main road that passes by the school, Merrick Avenue, was originally called Barnum Avenue. The Oliver and Alva Belmont (formerly Alva Vanderbilt) estate of Brookholt once stretched across several hundred acres on both sides of Front Street to the west of Merrick Avenue, and for a short while, included the Brookholt School of Agriculture for Women.

Carman Avenue is home to East Meadow High School, the Nassau County Correctional Facility, and the Nassau University Medical Center, the tallest building in Nassau County.

On March 11, 2004, President George W. Bush made a visit to East Meadow for the groundbreaking of a new memorial for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

East Meadow’s name is derived from being the meadow of Hempstead Plains east of the Meadow Brook (originally a brook, now replaced by a parkway of the same name).

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