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Get to know East Quogue

East Quogue is named along the Quogue village border to the west. The neighborhood is located east of that village. Many consider East Quogue to be part of the Hamptons. The town offers the same amenities and has similar characteristics as those communities.

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Reasons to move to East Quogue

  • It’s a great place to raise your kids.
  • The area has many grocery stores and restaurants.
  • East Quogue has a wide variety of housing options.
  • It takes about three hours to get to Manhattan unless you’re in traffic.

What are the best things about East Quogue?

East Quogue Community Park provides residents with many recreational facilities, including a baseball field, basketball court, tennis courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a beach access path.

Additionally, living here gives you easy access to ocean beaches, offering swimming and surfing in the summer and windsurfing, kite flying, and fishing year-round. Its beaches are less crowded than those at nearby Westhampton Beach or Montauk.

Upscale houses and three new developments have made this area one of the most expensive zip codes in the country. East Quogue has a high number of residents aged 60 or above.

It’s a popular retirement location because of its quiet atmosphere and proximity to the ocean.

Most of the land area in East Quogue is within the Pine Barrens. But there are significant agricultural preserves along Spinney Road and Old Riverhead Road.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

East Quogue History & Culture

The history of the hamlet of East Quogue (founded in 1673 as Fourth Neck, the name changed on January 12, 1858 to Atlanticville. It changed to East Quogue on March 25, 1891) can be traced in the houses built by its founders and later settlers, many of which continue to grace the community. East Quogue was originally known as Fourth Neck and is shown on the 1686 map of the Ogden (Quogue) Purchase. Today the hamlet of East Quogue encompasses not only Fourth Neck between Phillips and Weesuck Creeks, but the majority of Pine Neck to the east and adjoining upland areas, including Oakville, extending generally to the vicinity of the Sunrise Highway.

The farmers that settled Fourth Neck starting in the early 1800s include the Carter, Downs, Phillips, Jackson, Foster, Howell, Reeve, and Squires families – these names continue to feature prominently in the community. The main occupations of the early settlers were farming and fishing, supplemented by woodcutting as wood was plentiful to the north in the “Oakville” area. The cut wood was transported to Flanders Bay by oxen and shipped to New York City by schooners. In 1852 a small church was built and Fourth Neck became Atlanticville, which boasted a main street (Montauk Highway), with one road (Lewis Road, also known as Oak Road and Box Tree Road) extending northward towards Riverhead, an east-west through road (Old Country Road), and Squires Avenue, which extended across Pine Neck. By 1870 there were 179 residents, a church, a school, a post office, and two stores.

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