Fishers Island

Get to know Fishers Island

It may not be the largest town in New York, but Fishers Island is a big draw for visitors. Just ask the people residing there. The Suffolk County community is a popular vacation spot for boaters, anglers, and nature lovers who seek serenity from everyday life. Many of its residents are seasonal, with a population spike each summer.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of southeastern Connecticut, lies Fishers Island. The picturesque neighborhood has a population of around 200 year-round residents. It’s home to many seasonal visitors, including families and celebrities who own the large estates that line the beaches.

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Fishers Island History & Culture

In 1879, that first extension of Island services connected Fishers Island to the mainland through a cable ferry service between Winnipauk Village and Groton Long Point, operated by Captain John P. Brown of Mystic. Besides freight and vehicles, this ferry also transported passengers who could disembark at either port and walk onto the mainland or Island.

In 1904, Captain Daniel Hand established a new passenger/vehicle ferry from Orient Point to Fisher’s Island with a layover in New London. This was an essential change for Islanders since it gave them more accessible admission to points west. You can get to the island using a boat or plane from Connecticut or Rhode Island, but not from Long Island.

Fisher’s Island is nine miles long and two miles wide, but it’s full of charming sights and activities for visitors to enjoy despite its diminutive dimensions.

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