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A Classic Suburban Area

Floral Park dates back to 1874, when John Lewis Childs came to the area looking for work as a seed seller. Floral Park became part of Nassau County when it was formed in 1899 and became an incorporated village in 1904. John Lewis started his own seed business successfully and bought a lot of land. As a strategy to promote his now successful business, he renamed the area, Floral Park.

Floral Park is also one of the safest places to reside in New York. The security it provides to residents has given it the recognition. It is known as the 2nd safest in the entire state! Safety is a priority for anyone looking to move into a new neighborhood. The community itself leans more liberal and friendly.

The latest population records state that Floral Park has over 16,000 residents. Floral Park offers residents a lush suburban feel. Most people here are homeowners themselves. Floral Park has a lot of central situated parks and shops, making it easier to get to them. Walking is also an easy option here.

There are several public schools for parents to choose from. The education system is really successful and allows for students to have academic success throughout their school years. Parents also find that the schools available in Floral Park allows their students to prepare better for higher education.

Floral Park has a lot of fun stuff, including parks, shops, and golf courses! If you are planning to move to Floral Park, Zavza Seal has got your back! Contact now and get a free quote today.

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Floral Park History & Culture

The area that is now Floral Park once marked the western edge of the great Hempstead Plains, and by some reports was initially known as Plainfield. Farms and tiny villages dominated the area through the 1870s when the development of the Long Island Rail Road Hempstead Branch and Jericho Turnpike cut through the area. Hinsdale had more than two dozen flower farms after the Civil War. The present-day village of Floral Park was once called East Hinsdale.

In 1874 John Lewis Childs arrived in the area to work for C.L. Allen as a seed seller. After building his own seed and bulb business and starting America’s first seed catalog business, Childs bought a great deal of land in the area. To promote his own business and the local horticultural industry, Childs named the local streets after flowers and renamed the area, Floral Park. The expansion of the Floral Park Post Office and nearby village businesses are attributed solely to the success of Childs’ business. When the local Post Office took the name Floral Park, the Long Island Rail Road followed suit by changing the name of the East Hinsdale station to Floral Park in 1888. Formerly part of Queens, Floral Park became part of the new county of Nassau in 1899, and it was incorporated as a village in 1908. Childs served as its first president starting that year.

In 1903 the village boasted more than 200 acres (0.81 km2) of Childs’ flower beds. The massive volume of his mail-order business grew the local post office to such an extent that it drew comparisons with the post offices of Chicago, Baltimore, and Boston.

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