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Zavza Seal is an experienced general contracting firm with a passion for delivering excellence. Serving Long Island communities including Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn, and Queens. We are a one-stop shop construction company that specializes in waterproofing, and insulation along with foundation waterproofing services.

Our Expertise Includes:

Waterproofing Services

  • Waterproofing Parking Structures
  • Concrete Commercial Roofs
  • French Drains

Insulation Services

  • Batt Insulation
  • Rolled or Reflective Insulation
  • Blown In Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation

If you are considering any type of solution for foundation waterproofing or insulation services, we are here to help and can provide valuable, time-saving advice.

Get to know Freeport

Moving to a new place is never easy. It can be exciting but also overwhelming. Considering that you chose Freeport as your next stop, learning more about the area and getting to know the city’s history is a great idea to make you more comfortable.

Freeports’ early history dates back to the 1600s when it was first discovered for colonists to permanently settle the area. The land’s natural resources and landscapes made it desirable to Europeans at the time, making them take the ground under their rule.

It wasn’t until the late 1700s when English settlers began moving to the area and making it the Freeport we know today. Freeport was originally granted incorporation and independence in 1789. Freeport was the renowned ship-building head at the time, thanks to the nearby forests making it easier to access timber wood.

Tourism grew in the 1920s when more people would visit Freeport to escape city life and enjoy the serenity of the village.

Why Freeport is a great place to reside

Living in Freeport offers residents a suburban and rural feel. Most people here get to enjoy more than a simple life. Now, Freeport has a lot more to offer. It’s home to several shopping places, parks, coffee shops, and more that help residents keep occupied.

Families living here can raise their children in a safe and happy environment. Freeport offers an excellent environment for people. If you move to Freeport, make sure to avail Zavza Seal’s services.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Freeport History & Culture

Before people of European ancestry came to the area, the land was part of the territory of the Meroke Indians. Written records of the community go back to the 1640s. The village now known as Freeport was part of an area called “the Great South Woods” during colonial times. In the mid-17th century, the area was renamed Raynor South, and ultimately Raynortown, after a herdsman named Edward Raynor, who had moved to the area from Hempstead in 1659, cleared land, and built a cabin.
19th century: development

In 1853, residents voted to rename the village Freeport, adopting a variant of a nickname used by ship captains during colonial times because they were not charged customs duties to land their cargo.

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