Hampton Bays

Get to know Hampton Bays

Hamptons Bay, an old neighborhood in New York, is a beautiful place to live, work, and vacation. The coastal city is clean and tranquil, with an array of amenities. Learn why you should visit this beautiful place.


Today, there are 1.2 million residents in Hamptons Bay. The city has a thriving economy with over 500,000 jobs available. Some of the most common industries are:

  • Finance and banking
  • Professional services
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Local government
  • Retailing/trade
  • Manufacturing

Housing Options

When looking for a house, this neighborhood has various options. Single-family homes are common in this area. So you’ll find that many of the properties have more updated features than older homes. Townhomes and condos are also available. However, they’re less common than single-family homes.

If you’re hoping to rent or purchase a home in this neighborhood, go for an apartment in a high-rise building. These contain some of the most luxurious properties in this area, with amazing ocean views. Going for modern apartments give you access to the beachfront property. You’ll also enjoy private elevators and security systems.

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Beautiful White Sand Beaches and Marinas

If water is your thing, Hamptons Bay has the goods. With some of the best beaches in the country attracting tourists from near and far, there’s plenty to do along the beautiful coastline. If you’re a boating enthusiast, several marinas with boat slips and even some restaurants offer fabulous water views. From basking in the sun to getting out on a sailboat, Hamptons Bay offers everything you desire.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Hampton Bays History & Culture

The hamlet was settled in 1740 as “Good Ground”, which became the main hamlet of eleven in the immediate area. The area where Main Street, also known as Montauk Highway, is located today, was the approximate area of the original hamlet.

There were ten other hamlets in the area. They were called Canoe Place, East Tiana, Newtown, Ponquogue, Rampasture, Red Creek, Squiretown, Southport, Springville, and West Tiana. Most of these hamlets were settled by one or two families and had their own school house. Many of the names from the former hamlets are still featured as local street names today.

As a result of the growth of the surrounding hamlets and villages in the Hamptons and increased tourism from New York City, the eleven hamlets, although generally called “Good Ground” collectively by the early part of the 20th century, amalgamated under the name “Hampton Bays” in 1922. The motive behind the name change was for the hamlet to benefit from the “Hamptons” trade that the community’s neighbors were experiencing.

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