Get to know Hewlett

Are you looking to spend a peaceful life away from the big city in peace and quiet? Well, look no further. Because in Hewlett, New York, you can achieve solely that.

Many of us get carried away with the big city lights and fast-paced lives when living inside the city. However, it is not the ideal situation for most.

Most people enjoy living a relaxed and slower life away from the city, someplace more peaceful. Hewlett is the best place to spend the rest of your years peacefully.

The small town offers residents peace. – But also much fewer crowds. Yes, you read that correctly.

The town had recorded a population of just six thousand people in the latest census of 2010.

Although some people enjoy crowded neighborhoods, for those of you who like more isolation, Hewlett is the ideal destination for you.

Not only does the small town allow residents to live a slower life, it still has a bunch of fun activities. For example, there are various sites to see when you first move into the town.

You can visit the rural lands and parks and go on walks and long hikes. But, you can also still get the same things done as you would in the city.

Hewlett has all kinds of supermarkets and shopping centers available in Hewlett, thanks to prominent development over the past years.

You get to enjoy all kinds of things but in a much more peaceful environment. If this sounds like your idea of a good life, Hewlett is your ideal neighborhood.

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Hewlett History & Culture

The hamlet’s name comes from the Hewlett family. George Hewlett, the first Hewlett to settle in the area, was born in England in 1634. He was part of an English community which emigrated to Long Island – by way of Connecticut – and negotiated treaties with the Dutch governors and native inhabitants to establish a population center in what is now Hempstead.
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