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Huntington is a great place to live. The neighborhood has a small town feel, but still has a lot to offer. You can find many types of housing options here such as single family homes, condos, townhouses and apartments. The median home value in Huntington is $335,000, making it one of the most expensive cities in Indiana.

The Cost of Living and Education

Huntington has many beautiful old mansions worth touring. If you’re interested in architecture or history, you can buy your ideal home in this neighborhood. Plus, you don’t have to worry about leakages. Companies such as Zavza Seal will take care of your waterproofing needs.

There are plenty of great restaurants and shops in Huntington and some great schools. If you want to invest in one of these homes, you can expect returns comparable to those of other suburbs in New York City.


The town is just outside of Long Island. So, you’ll have access to the many attractions and activities those areas offer. But you can still enjoy all the suburban charm of a small town when you come home to Huntington.
You’ll be able to enjoy some of the best restaurants around, with many local favorites and national chains. There are also several theaters in town that offer great performances all year-round. If you want something more laid back, there are many parks and playgrounds around town where families can get together for fun activities like picnics or kite flying.

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Huntington History & Culture

In 1653, three men from Oyster Bay, Richard Holbrook, Robert Williams and Daniel Whitehead, purchased a parcel of land from the Matinecock tribe. This parcel has since come to be known as the “First Purchase” and included land bordered by Cold Spring Harbor on the west, Northport Harbor on the east, what is now known as Old Country Road to the south and Long Island Sound to the north. The three men immediately turned the land over to the settlers who had already been living there.

The origin of the name is unknown but the consensus among historians is it was named for the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell who was Lord Protector of England at the time of the town’s establishment. From that initial settlement, Huntington grew over subsequent years to include all of the land presently comprising the modern Towns of Huntington and Babylon. The southern part of the town was formally separated to create Babylon in 1872.

Because Huntington was populated largely by English settlers, unlike the rest of the New Amsterdam colony, the town voted in 1660 to become part of the Connecticut colony rather than remain under the authority of New Amsterdam. It was not until the British gained control of New Amsterdam in 1664 (renaming it New York) that Huntington was formally restored to the jurisdiction of New York.

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