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Get to know Long Beach

Long Beach is a city in Nassau County, New York, and became known for its breathtaking ocean views. It lies between the Long Beach Barrier Island and surrounds itself with water on each side. The city first became incorporated in 1922 after recovering from a series of misfortunes.

Led by a fire that struck in 1907, the famous Long Beach Hotel was burnt into pieces. This fire was also the reason behind several cottages, a church, and the bathing Pavillion being destroyed. Theft and crime began to rise after the fire until the police recovered $20,000 worth of jewelry that belonged to the guests.

Famous places to visit in Long Beach

Long Beach is known for its white-sand beaches and mystical waters that surround it. Here are a few must-visit places in the city of Long Beach.

Ocean Beach Park

One of the most iconic locations in the city is Ocean Beach Park. The scenic views allow you to have more fun than ever before. Volleyball, food trucks, concerts, and surfing are all great things to do here. You can have the best summer day with your friends or family here by the beach.

Pauline Felix House

Constructed in the earlier years of Long Beach, The Pauline Flex House is another iconic landmark here in Long Beach city. It is a two-and-a-half-story house and is open to visitors to soak in that rich Long Beach history. The Renaissance-inspired residence exudes a pure memoir of the city.

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Long Beach History & Culture

The city of Long Beach’s first inhabitants were the Algonquian-speaking Lenape, who sold the area to English colonists in 1643. From that time, while the barrier island was used by baymen and farmers for fishing and harvesting salt hay, no one lived there year-round for more than two centuries. The bark Mexico, carrying Irish immigrants to New York, ran ashore on New Year’s Day.

Austin Corbin, a builder from Brooklyn, was the first to attempt to develop the island as a resort. He formed a partnership with the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to finance the New York and Long Beach Railroad Co., which laid track from Lynbrook to Long Beach in 1880. That same year, Corbin opened Long Beach Hotel, a row of 27 cottages along a 1,100-foot (340 m) strip of beach, which he claimed was the world’s largest hotel. In its first season, the railroad brought 300,000 visitors to Long Island. By the next spring, tracks had been laid the length of the island, but they were removed in 1894 after repeated washouts from winter storms.

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