Mount Sinai

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Mount Sinai is located on the north shore of Massachusetts, between the towns of Swampscott and Lynn.

Mount Sinai has a population of 11,101 residents. Mount Sinai boasts beautiful beaches and parks for residents to enjoy year-round.

The town is also home to many businesses, including restaurants, retail stores, medical offices, banks, etc. Snowy winters are typical, and you can always seek the services of Zavza Seal to fix leakage problems.

The town was previously known as Old Mans, which was founded in the 1660s by settlers. The name was changed to Mt. Sinai when it was incorporated as a city with an estimated population of 600 residents. Today, many schools are located within this region, including Mt. Sinai Elementary School, which offers programs for Pre-K through 6th-grade students while also providing special education services for those who need extra academic support.

Hiking and Cultural Sights

The town is an excellent place for those individuals who enjoy doing outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and playing a broad array of sports. There are also many cultural sites such as museums and galleries throughout the town that are you can visit if you enjoy learning about different cultures or visiting historical places.

A Beautiful Tourism Town

The Great North Shore Mount Sinai has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century, when tourists began coming to enjoy its beautiful beaches and forests. Today, visitors can still enjoy these attractions and many others, including museums, art galleries and historical sites like Fort Ticonderoga, which is located just south of town.

Mount Sinai History & Culture

Mount Sinai was founded in the 1660s. The area now known as Mount Sinai was originally called Nonowatuck, or “stream that dries up”, by the Seatocot family of Native Americans who lived here. The first European settlers were Colonial settlers living in what is now Setauket, who obtained a deed from these local Native Americans in 1664.

The origin of the town’s initial European name, “Old Mans”, is not known. The most prominent telling concerns Major John Gotherson, an elderly Englishman who was supposedly swindled into incorrectly believing he’d bought land in the New World by Captain John Scott, an important leader in Long Island’s early history. After Gotherson sent representatives who were quickly turned away, local residents started to jokingly refer to the land as “the Old Mans”.

During the American Revolution, the area and Old Mans Harbor were under British control. However, because of its remote location the British did not have troops stationed here. Many citizens moved their families to Connecticut during British occupation. During the course of the war, American agents visited local patriots and received information, clothing, supplies and money to support the cause. In 1780, American Major Benjamin Tallmadge and a detachment of Continental Army dragoons landed at Cedar Beach and traveled south to successfully attack the British at Manor St. George. The route he and his men took is now marked as an historic trail.

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