Basecrete +


AND Basecrete+ foundation waterproofing

Basecrete+ foundation waterproofing

Basecrete+ foundation waterproofing is a highly penetrating, highly viscous concrete densifier, to be used as the Pool, Shell, Primary, Waterproofing. Upon application, BC+ penetrates deeply into the concrete matrix, on a molecular level, searching and filling out all the voids that exist within any concrete structure. BC+ bonds with the free Calcium and Lime within the concrete, transforming itself into a dense waterproof barrier of colloidal silicate gel. It is important to note that the concrete remains able to “breathe” allowing vapors from within the concrete to escape.

Apply Basecrete + with a low-pressure pump type sprayer. Apply two coats in quick succession removing excess material immediately. Do NOT allow excess material to dry on the surface.

No VOC’s

for drinking water contact


• ASTM D-56-91 – Flash Point: None

• ASTM D-5084-91 – Permeability

• ASTM C-666 – Freeze/Thaw cycles

• ASTM C-666 B – Salt Resistance

• ASTM C-67 – Efflorescence

• Contains no VOC’s

• EPA Compliant


• Waterproofs the surface of the concrete

• Densify and strengthens the concrete

• Controls hydration of new concrete

• Exfoliates entrapped salts

• Reduces rust formation on rebar

• Reduces ASR (alkali silica reactivity)

• Accelerates concrete curing time

Concrete Surface Profile

Mix it, Apply it, Done

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