Too much moisture in your home can lead to a rancid smell along with Basement Dehumidification Services System. While the issue of excess moisture can happen in any corner of the house, basements are especially susceptible given their location and the lack of ventilation. Hence, it needs to be taken care of by a humidifier which can prevent moisture induced allergies or asthma. It also prevents the growth of mold in the basement due to excess humidity.

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A good quality basement dehumidification system also prevents sneezing, skin irritation/rashes, chest pain and allergies caused by moisture. It also increases the air quality in the entire house and keeps the Dehumidification Services smelling fresh.

How does a Dehumidification Services system work?

A basement dehumidification system draws warm air into inbuilt coils with the help of a fan. Upon being fed through refrigerated coils of the dehumidifier, the warm air contracts and condenses the inside of the dehumidifier, leaving all moisture behind as it’s blown out. The condensation, in form of tiny droplets, falls into a storage space attached to the inside of the dehumidifier. It blows out dry air into the basement Dehumidification Services.

Basement Dehumidification System

A basement dehumidification system is not only important for your basement but the entirety of your home. It helps maintain an ideal level of relative humidity (RH) and improves the air quality throughout your house in terms of Dehumidification Services.

A good Basement Dehumidification System is ideally expected to bring relative humidity down by 30-50%. Often times, the dehumidifier comes with a built-in meter which measures the relative humidity of the basement and tracks the fall in moisture over time.

Some benefits of having a dehumidifier in the basement are –

  • Prevents mold and mildew. Your basements can develop mold and mildew when the relative humidity levels rise beyond 50%. However, this can be avoided by drying out the basement through a dehumidifier. It creates a hostile environment for the growth of mold and mildew by sucking in the water in the air.
  • Eliminates musty odours. Moisture in basements can lead to dampness which can in turn cause the region to smell due to growth of bacteria and fungus. Drying out the basement can keep the house from smelling bad.
  • It protects family health. Mold gives birth to microorganisms which can often trigger ailments such as allergic reactions and asthma in several people. This is a serious form of indoor air pollution which can be prevent by a basement dehumidification system.
  • It protects your basement and belongings. Humidity, if left unattended, is also responsible for corrosion of walls and overall deterioration of the basement structure. It also makes wooden structures rot. Even paper and cloth are susceptible to deterioration.

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