Basement Wall Cracks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. And while they are caused by many factors, they ultimately need to be ridden of. If not, they can have serious health and financial repercussions for the owner.

Cracks in basement walls, if allowed to sit, can cause the wall a lot of structural damage. Cracks essentially invite moisture into your home, dampening the wall. This is one of the leading causes of mold development. Mold can irritate your skin, eyes and nostrils.


Additionally, they can prove to be fatal for children. Elderly and individuals suffering from asthma, making wall repair a time-sensitive project. Damp walls also lead to pest infestation, which can contaminate your water supply and even food. Cracks have also been proved to be at the heart of waterborne diseases in homes due to seepage of flood/dirty water. It can also lead to the weakening of the wall foundation, corroding it over time.

Hence, a damp basement is a serious hazard which can be evaded easily.

The solution is to fill Basement Wall Cracks with anti-corrosive, elastic and durable material. Zavza Seal brings to you quality services at cost-effective rates. We understand the importance of maintaining your home for not just your own but your family’s safety.

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Why Zavza Seal? for Basement Wall Cracks

Why should you choose us? Zavza Seal is a specialized agency. We do not dabble with everything construction and repair related and can hence assure you quality products. Our focus on waterproofing allows us to deliver specialized products, customized to the client’s needs. We offer an extensive range of services to ensure a waterproof basement such as basement crack repairing, basement de-humidification, basement concrete floor and wall repair, basement masonry, among others. Our services are a class apart and our products are the way to seal basement walls. We do not compromise upon the quality of our products while delivering speedy results.

Basecrete, our waterproofing bond coat, offers long lasting results for Basement Wall Cracks. Two coats of our bond coat will keep your basement dry and mold-free for years to come. Owing to its strong adhesion and anti-corrosive qualities, it does not wither or develop cracks, over time.

We also offer our clients a consultation to gauge the level of damage on the walls. Our structural engineers will thoroughly check your basement before commencing any work. This ensures that the output is of the finest quality. All wall cracks eventually leak. To prevent this, we use an elastomeric membrane to seal cracks and preserve any future maintenance costs for the client.

We are a cost-effective waterproofing and Basement Wall Cracks agency. Our goal is to diminish any future maintenance cost our clients might have to bear. Hence, we employ the best of engineers and workers to get satisfying and speedy results for you. Contact us today for your quality basement waterproofing services.