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In this article, we will share best Five Ways to Fix A Wet Basement.

It is not just that wet basements smell and feel nasty. They also put your home at risk. If left unattended, moisture in the basement can ruin not just walls and floors but also damage roofing and encourage mold growth.

It is easy to cure some of the wet basements by merely clearing up gutter and driving the sewage away from the foundation. However a more proactive action is warranted in cases where the problem emerges from other sources.

For instance, water seeping in from under the ground, backing up through drains, or water on the surface flowing towards the house related to Five Ways to Fix A Wet Basement.

Following are Five Ways to Fix A Wet Basement:

  1. Getting rid of the excess humidity – Getting rid of the sources of humid air is one way to dry up the basement. Some ways to accomplish the same could be keeping windows of the basement closed. During humid weather, running a dehumidifier or sealing the leaky dryer vents to prevent the entry of humid air in the basement.
  2. Insulation of pipes – Cold pipes have condensation dripping from them which contributes to problems relating to basement water. In order to prevent the same, insulating the cold pipes with foam might be a good option since it is inexpensive as well and can easily be cut with scissors.
  3. Pumping the water out – If it is difficult to keep surface water out, one way to overcome it could be to channel the same from the inside. In order to do so, a channel needs to be sawed from around the perimeter of the floor and perforated pipes need to be laid in the hole. The pipe’s drainage is directed to a tank in the basement from where a pump shoots the same outside the house.
  4. Waterproofing the walls – While an interior drainage system helps with getting the water out, it does not help with waterproofing the walls.
    For the same, an exterior system like a French drain is required to relieve hydrostatic pressure and exterior waterproofing is required to ensure the foundation is protected.
  5. Plugging cracks and holes in the foundation – Cracks and holes in the foundation is an entry point for moisture to seep into the basement. While plugging the same may not help with leaks. It may be better than doing nothing. Hydraulic cement is an excellent choice for the same as it can be set up even under water.
  6. This seals the hole with expansion and locks in place of the plug in. more about this article Five Ways to Fix A Wet Basement.

Many dangers are associated with wet basements. The overall structure may deteriorate through mould growth. Wet basements can cause damage to personal belongings stored in the basement.

These issues affect air quality and subsequently overall health related to information of Five Ways to Fix A Wet Basement.

These issues can be diagnosed and fixed by wet basement contractors regarding Five Ways to Fix A Wet Basement.

Basement contractors agree that waterproofing a basement is the surest way to prevent wet basements. Are you looking for wet basement contractors to dry your wet basement?.

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The entire process is designed to reduce any monetary burden on our client. Hence, we try our best to salvage whatever items we can and leave them out to dry.

Apart from repairing the structure, we also offer preventive services. Preventive services include, but are not limited to, waterproofing cement which can secure basements for years to come.