Like garages, every driveway has a shelf life. This largely depends on the climate of the region and the maintenance of the driveway. On an average, driveways last between 15-30 years. Replacing a driveway can affect the duration of this shelf-life.

Driveways do not just contribute to the beautification of a house but also serve other purposes. For instance, well-maintained driveways have been known to fetch home-owners better car insurance policies. Hence, it is important to Replacing a Driveway every few years.

5 Things To Consider Before Replacing a Driveway


Replacing a driveway does not have to be an expensive task. While the price of a few paving options might be higher than the rest, you can get the best buy without bursting your purse. The first step is to set the budget and look for a paving company within it. The total cost should not just include price of the materials but also cost of labor, resurfacing, and allied costs.


The frequency of maintenance depends upon the driveway’s type, usage, and the climate. They need to be factored in when deciding which material to use for replacing a driveway. Driveways built using high quality materials by experienced professionals typically demand less maintenance and last longer.


Geography and climate are important considerations when replacing a driveway. For example, in snowy regions, a concrete driveway performs better. This is because it is easier to clean than an asphalt or any budget driveway. Concrete driveways have a smooth surface. A driveway also needs to be durable in areas prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural calamities.


No one wants to change their driveway every few years. To avoid this unnecessary expense, consultations with a reputed paving company are crucial. A sturdy driveway, built with good quality materials. Can extend the shelf life of your driveway by 5-6 years. The company can determine which materials to use considering your climate, budget and usage. Thus, this extends the life of your Replacing a Driveway.

Ease of Replacement

Replacing a driveway should also not lead to discomfort in the present. Often times. Construction work can disrupt the normal functioning of a household. The paving company you choose should ideally increase the ease of replacement. Overall reducing construction noise, clutter and debris.

Work With Us

At Zavza Seal, we promise you a comfortable driveway replacement experience. Our services are carried out by experienced professionals. We use the highest quality products for driveway replacement projects. This reduces any follow-up costs and increases the shelf life of your new driveway. Our replacement services are also extremely pocket friendly.

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