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Problem: The family complained about the whole house having a foul smell, frequent allergies, and humidity in the environment. The mold infestation in the subject area was also an eyesore to the on-lookers.

Solution: We ground the entire subject area with a diamond blade to remove efflorescence, paint, and mold to expose the original cement and be able to apply Basecrete on the entire clean surface. We used our disinfectant mold killer on and around the subject area. This resulted in the immediate clearing of foul odor and gave the area a clean look.


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5 Stars

Stephen Bohannon

We had a mystery seepage in our basement–one area soaked once or twice a year. the patch would be completely dry 360 degrees around it. Bill diagnosed the problem, set in motion a solution…


Noemi Herles

Our experience with Zavza Seal was wonderful and smooth. The crew is well organized. They listen to your plans. They showed out in time. They left everything clean. They did an amazing job! I highly recommend this company.


Ellen Szuchmacher

Efficient, courteous and responsible workers. The job was quoted as being completed in 2 days but more work was required and they returned on the 3rd day and completed the job without additional charges…


A Patrick

The Zavza sealing company arrived in a timely manner. The crew leader did an overview of the job. Upon completion of the job. The entire area was cleaned and anything that was moved was replaced. Thanks for a great Job.

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