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Get to know Franklin Square

Franklin Square was popularly used as grazing and farming land by some of the first white settlers. Later, in 1643, John Carmen and Robert Fordham joined a pact to buy 100 square miles where they planned to begin a new settlement.

Franklin Square is also home to the infamous bank known as Franklin National Bank, which was once the 20th largest bank in the country.

Franklin National Bank introduced some of the most innovative banking facilities: like using credit cards. Later, in 1974, the bank was declared insolvent due to fraud and mishandling claims.

Why Franklin Square Is A Renowned Place To Live

With over 29,000 residents, Franklin Square is a popular favorite amongst villages and hamlets in New York City. The Village is large yet low-profile, making it a clear choice for many to reside in.

A community where sports, stability, and deep interaction are what bind, Franklin Square is home to rich history and culture.

Franklin Square offers families what is known as a suburban feel, and individuals lean liberal. The residents of Franklin Square claim that the people never seem to want to move from the town.

Franklin Square is full of coffee shops, parks, and museums. So, if you’re looking for a getaway at any point, you can visit many places.

The people in Franklin Square are friendly and enjoy interacting with neighbors.

Sounds like something you prefer? Franklin Square is an ideal location for you! Zavza Seal is offering all services in Franklin Square and can get you a free quote today!

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Franklin Square History & Culture

What is now Franklin Square was near the center of the Hempstead Plains, and used as grazing land, and later farmland, by the first white settlers. The southern portion included oak and dogwood forests.

In late 1643, Robert Fordham and John Carman made a treaty with members of the Massapequak, Mericoke, Matinecock and Rockaway tribes to buy roughly 100 square miles upon which they intended to start a new settlement. They purchased this tract, including much of what are now the towns of Hempstead and North Hempstead.

In 1790, George Washington passed through the town while touring Long Island. He wrote in his diary that the area was “entirely treeless except for a few scraggly fruit trees.” Walt Whitman spent three months in the spring of 1840 as the schoolmaster of the Trimming Square school district, in the area where Franklin Square, Garden City South and West Hempstead intersect.

In 1852, one Louis Schroeher built a hotel near a tollgate (by what is now Arden Boulevard) of the Hempstead-Jamaica Turnpike (toll road). The hotel attracted an increasing number of visitors and immigrants (the latter often German) from New York City to the formerly rural hamlet.

Population grew steadily until the sudden intensified surge of suburbanization into post-World War II Long Island reached the village. By 1952, the farms were all gone, replaced by newly built houses full of emigrants from nearby New York City.

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