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Get to know Huntington Station

Huntington Station is an eclectic, family and singles-friendly neighborhood in the Long Island suburbs. The founders of this town designed it to create a community where people could live and work without going to the city.

Today, Huntington Village is known for its lively shopping district and quaint, historic homes. Huntington Station is one of the most diverse areas in Long Island. Most residents hail from around the globe and bring their traditions along.

The School District in Long Island Station

The population here has grown steadily since 2010. More than 10% of residents residing in this beautiful town are foreigners. Many young families move here because they want their children to attend the best schools in New York State.

Recreational Facilities

The town is home to many popular attractions, including the Long Island Children’s Museum and the Strong National Museum of Play.

A major draw for families lies in the fact that Huntington Village has several parks within walking distance from most homes. These parks can accommodate all abilities. Residents also enjoy access to outdoor sports fields, tennis courts, and swimming pools.


Owning a home in this neighborhood is one of the best decisions. There are enough waterproofing companies such as Zavza Seal to take care of leakage problems.

Huntington Station has something for everyone. From its convenient location on Long Island’s Southern State Parkway to its abundance of restaurants, parks, and shopping centers. With a rich history dating back over 200 years, you’ll never run out of things to do!

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Huntington Station History & Culture

The Town of Huntington has had a long recorded history from the first European settlements in the 17th century to today. The story it tells is the story of Long Island.

The earliest residents of today’s Huntington were Matinecock Indians. The native population settled near the waterfront in Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington, Centerport and Crab Meadow. Seventeenth century European explorers and traders unwittingly introduced diseases for which the natives had no immunity. By the time Europeans arrived to settle in the Huntington area in the middle of the 17th century, the native population had been decimated.

The formal European history of Huntington dates to April 2, 1653 when three English settlers from Oyster Bay—Richard Holbrook, Robert Williams and Daniel Whitehead—secured a deed from Raseokan, Sachem (i.e. leader) of the Matinecocks for six square miles of land stretching from Cold Spring Harbor to Northport Harbor and from the Long Island Sound to what is now Old Country Road. The consideration consisted of “six coats, six howes, six kettles, six hatchets, six shirts, ten knives, six fathoms of wampum, three muxes and thirty needles.”

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